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Two reasons Tom Brady feels good about Patriots heading into stretch run

Ryan Hannable
November 17, 2018 - 9:59 am

It's the bye week, which means Tom Brady sat down with Scott Zolak for their annual chat for Patriots All-Access.

Brady seemed very upbeat and positive about the remaining six games and postseason. The quarterback mentioned getting players back healthy, feeling good for the stretch run and also having a lot of 1 o'clock games the rest of the way.

For Brady specifically, he hasn't missed a practice yet this year.

“It is very fortunate because it is a physical game," he said. "It’s a physical sport and when you can make it out of the game, it at least gives you the opportunity to play next week. Even you lose, that’s what gives me a little perspective from when I hurt my knee in 2008, I got hurt and I couldn’t come back the rest of the year. Sometimes when you lose and you come away healthy you’re like, ‘Wow. OK. Let’s ramp it up next week.’ Sometimes if you win and you lose two players to major injury it’s a bad game. I don’t care if you won or lost, if you lose guys that are going to help you contribute the rest of the way.

"Hopefully we’re pretty healthy moving forward. That is the great benefit of the bye this time of year. Guys kind of need the physical break and we’re getting that. Now we have to go capitalize. That is what it’s all about for us.”

Through the first 10 weeks, the Patriots have played five night games. It looks like they won't have any the rest of the regular season, which Brady sees as a positive.

“One o’clock games, 4 o’clock home games, those are the ones you love to see on your schedule a lot," he said. "When you play the night games, even at home, it is 2 a.m. before I am getting to bed. If we’re on the road it is 4 a.m. I think the point is the night of the game, it is nice to get a good night’s sleep and you feel Monday is a productive day. A lot of these days, Monday, you’re slogging through the day. You’re pretty tired. You’re worn out.

"We have a lot of 1 o’clock games coming up. There are some things that are real positive going forward. Certainly, our play is going to effect things more than anything. Our performance on the field is what is going to matter. We’re going to work hard at that. We’ve worked hard this week. We're going to work hard next week. All of our biggest games are ahead of us and that is all what we're looking forward to."

The Patriots will play at the Jets next weekend.

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