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Vince Wilfork shares reason why Tom Brady is best quarterback of all-time

Ryan Hannable
August 09, 2017 - 1:44 pm

FOXBORO -- It's pretty clear by now Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time, but many point to how many Super Bowls he's won as the biggest reason why.

Speaking at his retirement press conference Wednesday at Gillette Stadium, Vince Wilfork had a unique opinion as to why.

“He’s the greatest. Tom don’t have the Randy Moss', the Jerry Rices', stuff like that," Wilfork said. "He has Gronk [Rob Gronkowski], he has [Julian] Edelman, he has guys that proved to him that they can win. To do that day in and day out, with some guys that come from other teams, that people overlooked, hands down he’s the greatest. If you give him four top receivers in the game on one field, what do you think will happen? Some of these quarterbacks talked about as supposedly the greatest, they had that around them. They had three, four targets around them that were Hall of Famers, that was the best of the best. They had that. Tom don’t. Tom don’t. I am not saying they are not good or great, but he don’t have the Jerry Rices'. He don’t have the Randy Moss’ anymore. When he did have Randy Moss, Wes Welker, he broke the record. If he had that today, he’s breaking records that he has.

"Those guys, they made a name for themselves. I respect their game. They becoming top receivers in this game because they produced. Hats off to them. I’ve seen Edelman, I’ve seen [Danny] Amendola, I’ve seen them come in and be pushed to the curb. I’ve seen Edelman when he was just a special teams guy and he was hurt and waiting for his turn. I’ve seen that and I’ve talked to him. His time is now. He’s showing the world he’s a good receiver.

"To me, to share a locker room and share conversations, and play with the greatest that ever played for 11 years, I will always cherish that.”