Why Tom Brady worrying about not making mistakes has turned into a negative at times

Ryan Hannable
November 26, 2018 - 10:27 am

In the early stages of his career, the term "game manager" was thrown around a lot with Tom Brady. While he didn't throw for a ton of yards, he avoided mistakes and rarely was the reason why the Patriots lost games.

Now, almost 15 years later, some might say the "game manager" label is a bad thing, but not to Brady. 

“No, never. Never. I don’t think that is a negative thing. No. I don’t think so," he said Monday on Mut and Callahan. "Again, a great quarterback to me is one who puts his team in a position to win. If you look around for a long time that is what you see. Quarterbacks, you have to help your team to win and you have to keep your team from losing. You handle the ball as much as anyone and the team can’t overcome bad quarterback play. If you have bad quarterback play it is almost impossible to win. I think you’ll get away with it from time to time, but I think everything is risk reward."

Brady did go on to say not wanting to make mistakes has impacted his game in a negative way as he's being a little less aggressive at times.

“I think part of my problem is as I have gotten older I want to make so few mistakes, maybe there’s not as much aggressiveness as I would like because with aggressiveness comes a little more risk and we have a 95 percent chance of winning when we don’t turn the ball over," he said. "I think that is always in the back of my mind -- being a little less fearful with the ball and a little more aggressive. I think we did a better job of that yesterday and hopefully we can keep that going.”

Things did seem better Sunday against the Jets, as Brady and the Patriots offense had a season-high 10 plays of 20 yards or more, a sign Brady was taking more chances with throwing the ball down the field.

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