Jerry Remy, Dennis Eckersley on Sox Daily Podcast explain why 3-man booth has worked so well

Sam Cohn
July 10, 2019 - 2:06 pm

Dave O’Brien, Dennis Eckersley, and Jerry Remy are not the only three-man broadcast in Major League Baseball, but they are one of the best. WEEI Red Sox broadcaster Josh Lewin sat down with the NESN trio to talk about how they make the crowded booth work.

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“I was never a fan of a three-man booth," Remy said. "I didn’t like most of the ones that I had heard. I think it takes a special combination."

When it comes to broadcast teams, it can be difficult to have a strong solo show, two is often the perfect fit, and three can become too much when each announcer has trouble getting a word in edgewise. 

“More than anything it’s timing and you don’t want to step on anybody because it’s easy to do,” said Eckersley. “You want to let it breathe a little bit, you can’t be jumpy, you know? It doesn't work unless everyone is on the same page, not worried about getting the last word in.”

Lewin mentioned it must be tough when they have something good to say but can’t get it in at the right moment because there are too many people. Eckersley humbly explained how he holds some of those “pearls of wisdom” in. 

He pushed the idea of not shutting anyone down and just letting things go for the sake of good timing and strong chemistry. 

Remy drove home the importance of his relationship with Eckersley as a big factor in their success together. The former infielder and pitcher have known each other since the minor leagues and on through the big leagues, spending seven seasons together in Boston. 

“I think because it’s a pitcher-infielder combination it works. I think Dave does a great job navigating it and the other thing about it is there’s no real big egos in our booth, we don’t fight for time. If you got something to say, just say it,” said Remy.

Listen to Josh's interviews with Remy and Eckersley below: