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Here is every single Game 7 goal Tuukka Rask has ever allowed

Sara Civian
April 24, 2018 - 7:53 pm

We have a very limited time on this planet. There are thousands of more productive ways to spend that time than arguing about Tuukka Rask.

Nevertheless, the Bruins find themselves gearing up for a Game 7 they had two chances to prevent, and the man in the net has factored into the best and the worst performances of the series.

Did Rask steal Game 4? Yes. Did he deserve to get pulled after allowing four goals on 13 shots in Game 5? Yep. Those are the two biggest hills, neither worth dying on.

A particularly compelling Game 7 performance on either end of the spectrum, though. You could keep that in your back pocket for a while.

Until then, let’s do something just slightly above arguing about Rask on the totem pole of things to do. Let’s watch every single Game 7 goal Rask has allowed while wearing the Black and Gold.

Obviously, don’t read into any of this too much. It’s mostly just a fun exercise in the radical concept of actually watching hockey and making up our own minds based on what we see. But if we’re going to visit Rask’s ghosts of Games 7 past, we’re going all out.

A primer:

Rask has played in three Games 7 as a Bruin, all at home. He went 1-2, with a 3.60 goals against average and an .849 save percentage (Welp.)

If you read the above and made up your mind, it is with my kindest regards I ask you to log off. It’s 2018. We don’t have to memorize and regurgitate numbers we read in a newspaper, we have the means to watch the moments those stats stemmed from.

Our first stop is the Bruins’ first round matchup with the Flyers in 2010. A 22-year-old Rask allowed four goals on 27 shots for a .852 save percentage. The Bruins were up 3-0 in the first, then the Flyers scored 4 unanswered to win it. Okay. That doesn’t sound great.

Click here, open the video in a new window, and follow along.

The first goal Rask allows comes at 2:24 into the video. Classic James van Riemsdyk, scoring on Rask in or around the left circle for his first NHL playoff goal. On the scale of soft-to-not his fault, Rask would probably like that one back. He was out a little too far and there was too much time to react.

The next one starts around 3:10. A lot going on in front of him -- and as an aside, a frustrating reminder that the Bruins need to start burying some rebounds. That’s an understandable one to let in, but if Frederik Andersen faced that in Game 6 he probably would have stopped it.

Philadelphia’s equalizer starts at 3:42. Not even going to touch this one.

Sam Gagner’s game-winner starts at 6:46. That was some beautiful movement on the power play, and Rask didn’t have much of a chance on a left-handed shot out alone right there.

Our next stop is far less brutal a memory -- the Bruins’ round one 5-4 comeback against the Leafs in 2013. Patrice Bergeron was the overtime hero, but could Rask have prevented that from being necessary? (God that question is annoying, but we’re indulging.)

He allowed four goals on 28 shots, precisely one shot of progress from 2010’s performance.

Click here for the video.

Toronto’s first goal starts at 2:33. Have to bury that puck. Blame Rask.

Next goal starts at 3:07. That was impressive and borderline sorcery with the puck. Can’t blame Rask.

5:54. That was one empty net. Looks like a bit of an overcommitment, but an equally sneaky move by noted sniper Phil Kessel. Jury’s out.

6:16. If you’re a goalie, Kessel coming at you like that on a 2-on-1 is your worst nightmare. Don’t blame Rask.

Rask’s most recent Game 7 was the second round 3-1 loss to the Canadiens in 2014. Two Us, Two Ks, three goals on 18 shots.

Here's the video.

Montreal’s first goal starts 15 seconds into the video. Rough play for the Bruins’ defense.

5:15. This must’ve been frustrating for the Bruins, who understandably left Max Pacioretty alone while almost getting the puck out of the zone several times.

9:53. This game was horribly unlucky.

Rask didn’t blow the two Game 7 losses all on his own, but you get the feeling if he could’ve performed even slightly better we wouldn’t be sitting here doing this. But we are.

Whether his reputation as a big game choker is deserved or not, he’ll have to put up an elevated performance on Wednesday if he wants to shake it.


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