Bobby Orr thanks Mass General workers battling COVID-19 pandemic

Scott McLaughlin
April 07, 2020 - 8:59 am

Normally we'd be expecting to see Bobby Orr on the Garden jumbotron getting a standing ovation from Bruins fans this time of year. Instead, it's Orr giving some other legends a deserving round of applause.

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On Monday, Massachusetts General Hospital shared a letter Orr had sent them thanking workers for their role in battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Read the full letter below:

This message is for everybody currently on the front lines at Mass General, doing what you all do so well. Thank you to the physicians, nurses, technicians, custodians, administrators, supply handlers—everyone there who is contributing in these unprecedented times. The battle against COVID-19 could never be managed without your tireless dedication, and please know that the people you serve understand your commitment, and we do not take it for granted. This pandemic has yet against demonstrated what everyone at Mass General is made of as you go about your daily routines. You are not only saving lives at your wonderful facilities—you are also protecting so many more people beyond your hospital walls as a function of your best efforts. It strikes me that the word "hero" is often used to describe athletes in our society, but in my eyes, YOU are the true heroes that I personally look up to and your are constantly on my mind. This virus is no game, so we need real life heroes to step up and bring it under control. Thankfully, that is exactly what you are doing.

Undoubtedly, the days and weeks ahead will test us all in many ways. But none will be tested more than those of you who continue to manage, treat and research the virus day after day after day. Given your efforts and expertise, I have great confidence in the eventual outcome of this pandemic, in no small measure because of the excellence I have personally witnessed at Mass General.

To all of you, please ... keep on fighting the good fight, and thank you so much for all you do.

With great respect,

Bobby Orr

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