Brad Marchand keeps things short and crispy after Bruins' Game 6 win

Scott McLaughlin
May 07, 2019 - 12:09 am

After Game 5, David Pastrnak stepped in to answer a question during his press conference with Brad Marchand because, as he put it, Marchand was a little "crispy."

That was just an appetizer for Marchand's performance after the Bruins' series-clinching Game 6 win, though.

It was clear something was up right off the bat when he was interviewed by Sportsnet's Kyle Bukauskus and proceeded to answer three questions with a total of 10 words.

The possible backstory surfaced a short time later. It turns out that during a pregame interview before Game 2, Bukauskus interviewed Marchand and made a joke about Marchand stepping on Cam Atkinson's stick that Marchand clearly didn't appreciate. After giving a lengthy answer to Bukauskus' first question, Marchand ended the interview and skated away as soon as the joke was made.

Marchand's terseness wasn't just limited to Bukauskus after Game 6, though. In his postgame scrum with reporters in the locker room, he answered 19 questions with a total of 39 words. Reporters did get a couple chuckles out of him, though -- first when asked about whether Tuukka Rask looked "dented," then when asked if he had a bet on how few words he could use. Here is the full transcript:

Reporter: Best way to describe the way Tuukka's played?
Marchand: Great.

Reporter: Would you care to elaborate?
Marchand: Nope.

Reporter: Would you guys be here without the way he’s played do you think?
Marchand: No.

Reporter: How much energy can you guys get when he’s making stops like that?
Marchand: A lot.

Reporter: Did Tuukka look dented to you?
Marchand: Obviously not.

Reporter: Why the short answers?
Marchand: Next.

Reporter: How good does it feel … to be back in the conference final?
Marchand: It’s good.

Reporter: Where did you get that outfit?
Marchand: China.

Reporter: What was the difference from being 2-1 down in the series to winning the last three?
Marchand: We won.

Reporter: When Tuukka is playing the way he is, how much does that help you up front?
Marchand: A ton.

Reporter: Do you have a bet on how few words you’re going to say in this?
Marchand: Maybe.

Reporter: What’s been able to separate the way you guys have played on the road in the playoffs?
Marchand: I don’t know.

Reporter: Did anybody say anything interesting to you in the handshake line?
Marchand: Nope.

Reporter: Is this one of the more solid professional wins that you’ve had in the postseason?
Marchand: Not really, but it’s a good one.

Reporter: What do you think about Carolina?
Marchand: They’re good.

Reporter: Will you be happy to get a rest?
Marchand: Yes.

Reporter: Were you happy to not hear the cannon tonight?
Marchand: Yes.

Reporter: Are you feeling a little crispy tonight?
Marchand: Oh yeah.

Reporter: Why's that?
Marchand: Just 'cause.

All that was missing from this Marshawn Lynch-ian performance was "I'm just here so I won't get fined," but don't worry: teammate Jake DeBrusk had that covered.

Some in the media are sure to be up in arms over all this, but honestly, who really cares? Was it a bit petty? Sure. Was it "an embarrassment to the NHL," as one reporter suggested? Not even close. 

Marchand doesn't owe anyone in-depth answers. Personally, I'll take this over a bunch of boring cliches any day.

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