Greg Hill: Bruins have reached out to local rinks about potential use for small groups

Scott McLaughlin
May 06, 2020 - 2:54 pm

We still don't know when the Bruins and other NHL teams will be allowed to get back onto the ice, but it's possible that once they are, it will only be in small groups instead of with the whole team to start.

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According to WEEI's Greg Hill, the team is starting to plan for such a scenario.

"I have been told that the Bruins have reached out to some local rinks to ask if groups of three to four players could begin working out in those individual rinks," Hill said on Wednesday morning's show.

Even getting back on the ice in small groups would be a big step, as pretty much every player we've talked to since the season was suspended has said that the biggest challenge while being stuck at home has been trying to stay in skating shape, as there's just no way to replicate skating on ice. Rollerblading is somewhat similar, but still not the same thing.

The Bruins would presumably have TD Garden and Warrior Ice Arena at their disposal if they get the go-ahead to start skating in small groups, but being able to use other rinks as well would give them some options beyond rotating through as many as seven or eight small groups in a day.

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