Gov. Baker announces pro sports teams can begin practicing with safety precautions June 6

Scott McLaughlin
May 29, 2020 - 11:57 am

It appears the local sports teams could all be able to practice again, at least in some form, soon.

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WBZ reports that a source close to Charlie Baker says the Massachusetts governor is set to announce on Friday that pro sports teams in the state will be allowed to practice with safety precautions.

It remains to be seen exactly what those precautions will be, but most leagues aren't allowing full-team practices yet anyway, so presumably it will only be small groups to start.

With the NBA already allowing players to start returning to team facilities in states that have given clearance, the NHL set to begin small-group workouts in the next couple weeks, and the possibility of the NFL holding minicamps later in June, Baker's announcement should allow the Celtics, Bruins and Patriots to be on the same schedule as the rest of their leagues.

MLB's plans are still completely up in the air as owners and players continue to fight over finances, and it's unclear if an eventual return would be in a spring training setting in Florida or Arizona or if there might be something locally for Red Sox players who live in and around Boston.

UPDATE: Baker has now made this official, announcing Friday afternoon that pro teams can begin practicing on June 6, with safety precautions.

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