Top 11 highlights from Bruins' 2011 virtual reunion

Scott McLaughlin
April 22, 2020 - 9:46 am

The 2011 Bruins Stanley Cup team virtually reunited on the team's YouTube channel Tuesday night during NESN's re-airing of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. The video hasn't been made public since it ended -- and it very well may never be given some of what was said -- but we have some notes on some of the highlights below, and some clips were shared on Twitter by Conor Ryan of Boston Sports Journal and Evan Marinofsky of CLNS Media.

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11. Bergeron confirms Burrows bite - In Game 1 of the Final, Canucks forward Alex Burrows famously bit Patrice Bergeron's finger when Bergeron got his glove up in Burrows' face during a scrum. You kind of wondered if it was a real, hard bite or just a playful nibble, but when Milan Lucic asked Bergeron about it Tuesday night, Bergeron confirmed it was very real.

"Did Burrows actually (expletive) bite you?" Lucic asked.

"Yeah," Bergeron replied

Gregory Campbell then asked if there was a bite mark.

"Still have it," Bergeron replied.

10. Rask accused of farting (again) - Someone audibly farted during the Zoom, and naturally the first reaction was for someone to ask, "Was that you, Tuukks?" This, of course, is not the first time during this quarantine that Tuukka Rask's farts have been a story.

9. Merlot Line complaining about ice time - Classic fourth line behavior here. Campbell (who was the clear No. 1 star of the reunion) and Shawn Thornton made it a point to frequently note their lack of ice time. Midway through the second period Thornton asked, "Soupy are we done for the night? Can we turn this off?" To which Campbell replied, "Second period? Yeah probably."

Campbell also chimed in with, "I think we just changed the game," after several of his line's shifts and congratulated Thornton for a good line change. When it was then pointed out that Campbell didn't change off at the same time, he said, "Why would we want Bergy out there instead of me?"

8. Campbell hyping himself - Campbell won the defensive zone faceoff that eventually led to Bergeron's shorthanded goal that made it 3-0 Bruins, and he made sure everyone knew it. "Bergy signed (the puck) and told me it was the best faceoff win ever."

When the subject of playing with Jaromir Jagr in 2013 came up, Campbell had something to say on that subject too: "Jags told me I was the best center he ever had. ... Me and (Daniel Paille) basically put him in the Hall of Fame."

7. Tattoo spell check - There was a little bit of tattoo talk among the gang and Shane Hnidy landed a nice one-liner on Brad Marchand, saying, "Quick toast to tattoo spell check." Marchand, of course, famously got a tattoo after the winning the Cup that read "champians" instead of "champions."

6. Rask's poor daughters - I don't know if this is a highlight or lowlight, so I'm just sticking it smack in the middle because it needs to be included. When Michael Ryder said he has three sons, Rask, who has three daughters, proposed either a trade or a marriage pact: "Hey, wanna make some kind of deal here? I have three girls."

Rask's daughters came up again later in the call, leading Rask to drop the line that is probably far and away the No. 1 reason this video isn't currently public: "I still think the youngest one might develop (male genitalia) at some point." Excuse me?

5. Lucic weighs in on hitting goalies - The gang reflected on the old days when goalies used to get hit more and weren't as untouchable as they are today. That led to Lucic to ponder, "I wonder what happened for them to be so sensitive about that." Perhaps it had something to do with this:

4. Lucic weighs in on Kesler, Burrows - Lucic also did some reflecting on some of the Bruins' Vancouver opponents. On Ryan Kesler: "Look at this (expletive) guy, Kesler, chirping." When Mark Recchi suggested Lucic watch what he say, Lucic followed up with, "He's not even in the league anymore. (Expletive) him."

Then later in the game, when Burrows dished out one of his several cheap shots that series, Lucic chimed in with, "So weird Burrows cheap-shotted someone."

3. Kelly rips Marchand - Marchand was by far the most frequent target during the reunion, and even mild-mannered Chris Kelly got in on the fun. Kelly is currently the Bruins' player development coordinator, and Marchand suggested he needed to be nice to Kelly or Kelly would have him traded. That set up this brutal burn from Kelly:

"No chance. Nobody will take you. Once Bergy retires, your game is going to (expletive)."

2. Emotional toasts - As typically happens when a group of friends gets together for a night of celebrating and drinking, the Bruins' reunion inevitably arrived at the emotional "I love you, man" toast portion of the night. Lucic, Campbell and Tim Thomas all had some nice things to say toward the end of the game, with Lucic's in particular standing out.

"Let’s just cheers to the fact that we got our names on the Cup and we won together," Lucic said. "This is a family we’ll have for the rest of our lives. So, I love you guys. Cheers."

Lucic also toasted Thomas, who won both the Vezina Trophy and Conn Smythe Trophy that year.

"I haven’t seen Timmy T in a long time. You were the MVP of the series. … A tank. … I appreciate what you did that year. I love you, man. Cheers."

1. Campbell roasting Marchand - As we've already established, Campbell was the No. 1 star of the call, and his frequent roasting of Marchand was his best work. Here are just a few of the highlights:

-After Marchand said Campbell was going bald: "I'm going bald? Your (expletive) forehead starts eight inches back from your (expletive) eyes."

-On Marchand's looks: "I saw you out on the blue line, standing next to Bergy. I felt bad for Bergy. Like, 'Holy (expletive), this guy's winger is that ugly?'"

-On Marchand selling hats and t-shirts: "You’re worth 60 million. Do you really need to do this? Have some respect for yourself."

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