Separated at birth, Big Haggs-style

December 29, 2008 - 5:45 am

Okay, so I always make fun of my dad because he seems to stretch the bounds of reality attempting to find everyday walk-of-life people that could be separated at birth from celebrities and athletes. I'll admit it's a fun game, though. Sometimes he takes it way too far, but I can't help but do the same thing when I spot people that look alike within the world of professional sports. Just blame it on my genetics, I guess. So here's a couple that have been percolating for a while: This first one -- in complete and full disclosure -- I have to actually give all due credit to Comcast SportsNet anchor Gary Tanguay for because he was the one that brought it to my attention. He told me that people tell him quite frequently that he looks just like former Sox GM Dan Duquette, and I really didn't see it at first. Maybe it was Duquette's glasses? Maybe it was Tanguay's rake-ish charm? Who knows? Anyway, I hadn't really spotted it until I spoke with Duquette at the MLB WInter Meetings down in Las Vegas a few weeks back after he had opted to comb his hair down and go with these wild bangs that cover his forehead. I don't what it was about the 'doo, but I can now say that I see what everybody else is talking about: these guys could be twins.  You need to take the glasses off and wipe the paranoid "Who's going to screw me in the media?" expression off Duquette's face, but there's no denying these two long lost brothers must have come from the same French-Canadian tribe. Sacre bleu! In all fairness to Tanguay, he thinks I was separated at birth from Bob Hoskins, so it could be a lot worse than looking just like the much-maligned Duke. I'd take dweeby GM over portly, balding Englishman any day of the week. Thanks Tanger! The other one is even more fun as it involves's favorite new columnist: Curt Schilling. The Big Schill has been providing us with excellent content, as I'm sure you've already heard from our fearless leader and ringmaster Rob Bradford. So the last couple of times that I've watched the Bruins play the Thrashers, I couldn't help but think that I knew Atlanta head coach John Anderson from somewhere. I've obviously sat in on postgame press conferences with the main Atlanta man before, but there was something very familiar about him that filled me with the urge to blog. Then it came to me, Anderson is a dead ringer for Schilling. Perhaps Anderson appears a tad bit older, and is maybe where the Big Schill will be when he's hovering around 45-50 years old, but these guys could be brothers -- and are most certainly dopplegangers of the highest order. I'm sure I'll come up with more of these as the year goes on (Mike Felger and Red Sox prospect Chris Carter anybody?) but let me know what you think of these two.