Shane Victorino

Shane Victorino blasts critics for saying he wanted to trade Red Sox prospects for Cole Hamels

March 26, 2015 - 6:20 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Over the past few days much has been made of Shane Victorino and Cole Hamels, with the Red Sox potentially giving up prospects (most notably Mookie Betts and Blake Swihart) to get a number one starter. Victorino has taken exception to the matter and spoke to's Rob Bradford Thursday morning calling out the critics. "Of course. I wouldn't use the word surprised," he said. "I think it's just the understanding of what was being construed and these guys are obviously going to assume because those are the names that were attached. There is no reason why I would want anybody out of here. That's not the basis of the conversation. The conversation was if you could go get a number one, would you give up pieces of the future to go get them? That was the question. It wasn't this name specifically, that name just because those guys have been attached to these kinds of players or in trades that's the people they assume I am talking about. I never mentioned any names in general -- it could be a hitter, it could be a pitcher. Could be any team. I'm not talking about even just here. "These guys, individuals that want to speak up and say certain things and put me out there like I am calling my teammates out -- hey, come show up. Let me discuss this and talk to you in person rather than you make an assumption and that is the stuff as an athlete that upsets me. People who make comments and they don't come in and justify the situation. You're going to say on talk radio and you're going to make those kinds of comments, don't think that I don't hear it, or somebody is not going to send me a message, or it's not going to get back to me. Of course it is. Before you make that assumption, Mazz, and whoever you are, let's get the situation of what I was trying to say. I never said anybody's name. Trust me, if there is one guy I am an advocate of and I have been a believer in since day one, that's him [Betts]. "I am not worried about the pitching aspect. I've played this game long enough. I was just saying in the scheme of things, anything, not even just here, that is the part they centered in on this team or Cole Hamels and the situation that was going on. Yes, Cole is a big guy, but at the end of the day I am just talking about in the scheme of things. When you talk about prospects, when you talk about these guys. If you got a guy to me, in my opinion that has been there and has done it, rather than 'OK this guy is a prospect and he has a lot in the future or this guy can be compared to that player. Hey, why not go get the guy now and hey, if this guy turns out tip your cap and he turns out to be that player.' "That for me, never being a prospect and understanding that situation and having guys ahead of me that were considered that prospect or this prospect, that is the part where I justify that question. That is what I look at. I am not looking at it any other way, no other speculation and like I said, these guys are going to take the headline, or take whatever is being talked about and go make it into a bigger fish. It's a small fish. "I'm just asked a question -- the question to me was, do you think Cole Hamels will be in a Boston Red Sox uniform? I said I would love for him to be here. If it doesn't happen, we'll be fine. We're good. Any time you make your team better in any opinion. Hey, if it is moving me somewhere else to make our team better, it is what it is. I've always been that way. I've never been that kind of guy like, 'Hey, this is my home. This is where I belong.' Whatever the role or situation, that is what I look at. "For me as an athlete and you get put out on blast, you get on situations -- how about you show up so I can discuss with you. Don't just go on a talk radio show and make a situation. Hide behind a microphone and make this situation this big when it's really not. If you want to make it that big then come into the clubhouse and I will discuss it with you what I was trying to say. That is the part as an athlete that frustrates me. You hold no accountability but on a talk radio show and putting everybody on blast, how about you want into the clubhouse and discuss what I was trying to say before you take a story and make it into a big situation. "There is no need to question chemistry. If there is a chemistry guy in this clubhouse I've always been that guy. I've always been a chemistry guy. I've always been a part of that and I am just reading an article of what was being said. I don't know what was being said on radio, I don't know what was being talked about, but reading about that situation that was sent to me by a family member saying, 'What are you doing here?' No, no. Come and show up. I would love to discuss it with you on what my situation is. The last thing I want to do is to throw any of my teammates, anybody under the bus in regards to that situation. "All I said was if you can go get it -- it doesn't even have to be those pieces -- it could be other guys, go get that piece. But people are to assume, Mazz and whatever this other guy's name is, is quick to assume I said go get Cole Hamels and give up this prospect. 'It's for Mookie. It's for Blake Swihart.' Who said the Red Sox wanted to give up those guys? It could be some other guys the Red Sox wanted to move on from."