Shane Victorino gets 'news that I didn't want to get' about potential surgery

August 02, 2014 - 11:26 am

For Shane Victorino, a year of injuries and frustrations seems like it may be nearing a conclusion under a surgeon's knife. The 33-year-old, on the disabled list for the third time this year after he left Wednesday's game with discomfort in his back, underwent an MRI on his lower back on Friday that suggested that he might need surgery. He will visit Dr. Robert Watkins, a back specialist in Los Angeles for a second opinion before settling upon a definitive course of action.

"I'€™m definitely disappointed, news that I didn'€™t want to get. Obviously I think we need another opinion, see where we'€™re at and we'€™re going to go from there," said Victorino. "Obviously [the MRI] showed some signs of some things going on with my back that obviously it'€™s important for us to get a second opinion. We'€™ll go and see what happens and go from there. ... Any time you have to go and see someone like [Watkins], it'€™s never what you want to hear. You'€™re just hoping that what you see in an MRI doesn'€™t come out with that kind of information. We'€™ll get that second opinion and see how it goes."

 Victorino's spring training got off to a late start as he recovered from offseason surgery on his thumb. He dealt with lower back tightness in spring training, opened the year on the DL with a hamstring injury suffered in the last game of spring training, landed back on the DL due to hamstring issues during the season -- a stint that was prolonged by the emergence of lower back issues -- and finally saw himself sidelined again after Wednesday's game due to the latest round of lower back injuries. He's been limited to just 30 of the Sox' 109 games, hitting .268 with a .303 OBP and .382 slugging mark.

"I tried to play through it, I try to do the best I can. the training staff did the best we could to try to get me back out there but things are showing that there might be some things that, as I said, we didn'€™t want to see. We'€™ll go from there," said Victorino. "I don'€™t want to talk about what we discussed. I think that, as I said, it wasn'€™t the news that we wanted. Some of the things that were shown were a little bit more than what we had hoped for, at least I had hoped for. But obviously being out there and not being able to go and having those things hamper me, I knew something was wrong.

"I don'€™t mind playing through pain, I don'€™t mind playing through an injury. But the continuation of it happening was the thing that was worrisome to me. The other night when I felt it, it was something that kind of woke me up a little bit. It was kind of sharp and sudden when it happened and we obviously found out why, with what the MRI revealed. To go get another opinion from Dr. Watkins and see what he has is important to me to get that view of things and we kind of have an idea of what'€™s going to happen. as I said, I hope it'€™s not going to be as serious. That'€™s what I'€™m hoping."