Shane Victorino: Traffic caused rehab schedule adjustment

July 13, 2014 - 5:29 pm

When Shane Victorino's rehab assignment for the Portland Sea Dogs on Saturday was scratched, it seemed reasonable to assume that the outfielder may have suffered another setback, considering how his recent attempts to rehabilitate his injuries have been cut short due to discomfort. That, however, was not the case. Victorino said that the reason he was scratched on Saturday had to do with the fact that he was stuck in traffic on his car ride from Boston to Portland. "Yesterday was one of those things where the drive took me almost 2 1/2 hours to get an hour and a half still away," Victorino said. "It was supposed to be a two-hour drive and it was going to turn into a three-hour-plus drive. They said that being in the car that long and then trying to play in the game was probably not the smartest decision. That was the only thing. I left as early as I could thinking that it wasn't going to be that bad, but that was my first time ever trying to go down to Portland, Maine, and I understood with all of the beauty of the beaches and the coastline and the beauty of the weekend, it wasn't the smartest choice." According to Victorino, he drove about as far as Salisbury, Massachusetts, before he called Red Sox physical therapist Dan Dyrek regarding his issues with traffic. Victorino said that the scratch had nothing to do with any physical issues. "That was the thing that happened yesterday," Victorino said. "It wasn't anything due to pulling me back from playing. The thing about at-bats is that's the part that I've still got to get adjusted to. We'll figure it out. I'm a professional hitter and I should figure it out sooner rather than later so I can't sit here and worry about trying to get more at-bats. I've got to get ready to be physically ready to go and continuously play. Everything is going according to plan." Victorino, who went 0-for-2 with two long fly balls and a walk for the short-season Single-A Lowell Spinners on Sunday at the Futures at Fenway event (and who is now 0-for-6 with two walks and two strikeouts in three games with Lowell), said he left the event early because he needed to catch a flight to see his family during the All-Star break. While Victorino has remained frustrated with his inability to contribute to the major league squad, the outfielder says he has enjoyed talking to some of the minor league players who have approached him during his rehab assignment. "It's exciting for me to be around these kids and asking questions about the game and how it should be played or what are things that we can do to become better baseball players," Victorino said. "That part for me means a lot. They are willing to come up to me and ask me and want to learn from me. That means a lot to me, but I never thought I'd be at Futures at Fenway. It will take as many games as we can, as many at-bats as we can and enjoy every moment."