Stanley Cup memories from an assortment of Bruins

June 01, 2009 - 7:47 am

While the Bruins players obviously would have rather been reminiscing while amidst a seven-game Stanley Cup Finals series against the Detroit Red Wings, most of the B'€™s skaters were huge hockey fans growing up in Canada, Europe or the United States. With the Bruins roster ranging in age from 41-year-old Mark Recchi to soon-to-be 21-year-old Milan Lucic, each played on the Spoked B roster has a different, favorite Stanley Cup memory etched in their mind when it comes time for the playoff journey to the Cup. Things change, obviously, when players grow to adulthood, the NHL turns into a business and it becomes increasingly difficult to watch pro hockey as a fan once their own Cup dreams have been dashed in the playoffs '€“ but here'€™s a sampling of favorite Stanley Cup playoff memories from a host of Bruins players dotted across the current roster. Most of them seem to be centered around hitting a post in a crushing defeat or glorious overtime game-winners, but somehow Shawn Thornton managed to combine a difficult hockey moment with a hockey media conspiracy theory. Here go the Bruins with their Stanley Cup memories: Marc Savard '€“ I think I liked Gretzky'€™s hat trick in Toronto (in Game 7 in 1993) when he was playing with LA against the Leafs. And I liked the Doug Gilmour wraparound goal (in double-OT in 1993) on (Curtis) Joseph because I was a Leafs guy. I liked anything Gretz did because he was my idol. Chuck Kobasew '€“ It had to be 1994 with the New York Rangers. I was a diehard Vancouver Canucks fan growing up, so that was a big one for me. I think it was Game 7 when they hit the post in the third period '€“ I think it was Trevor Linden there '€“ that was a crushing moment'€¦that one sticks out in my mind. Tim Thomas '€“ You know what? I don'€™t have a huge one until the Red Wings won their first one again (in 1997). I grew up watching the Red Wings, but I was always watching the IHL team growing up (in Flint) so I had Turner Cup memories rather than Stanley Cup memories growing up. It was the Flint Generals and Steve Penney and Rick Knickle were the goalies, and then Steve Penney ended up being the goalie in Montreal. Didn'€™t Steve Penney end up beating Boston in a series at some point? Patrice Bergeron '€“ The one that hurt most was definitely 1996 when Colorado won it and they had just left Quebec City, you know? They had a great team the year before in 1995 and they lost in the first round, and they won the next year in Colorado. I guess I was happy at the same time because it was still the Nordiques, and (Colorado) kind of became my second favorite team because they were still kind of the Nordiques. One more year and that was it. We knew (a Stanley Cup) was coming, but we didn'€™t know when. It would have been better if it wasn'€™t such a good team because we knew (the Cup) was coming. It happened when we were on the verge of winning when they left. Shawn Thornton '€“ I don'€™t have any (Stanley Cup memories) because I was a Leafs fan and they never got close. I have a memory of Wayne Gretzky clipping Dougie Gilmour (in 1993) and there was no penalty call and then he scored. That was the one that I remember and it isn'€™t a great one. Whether it was a penalty or not, I was a young kid and I got caught in the Toronto media trap and I was bitching just like everybody else. I haven'€™t seen the game since then so I don'€™t even know it was a penalty or not. I think I went to the Skydome to watch that game with my folks and there was a big crowd there and everybody was up in arms. Obviously I couldn'€™t get tickets to Maple Leaf Gardens because they cost too much (money).  Blake Wheeler '€“ The one I really remember is the Steve Yzerman goal against St. Louis (in double-overtime of Game 7 in 1996). I don'€™t even know why it'€™s the one that sticks out in my mind, but I was pretty young and it was a school night and my mom let me stay up late to watch it. Detroit was always my team growing up, so it was a pretty big thrill and a big highlight when I was watching that one. We didn'€™t have a team in Minnesota for a while and my dad was from Michigan, so we were fans of all the Detroit teams. It was the time (of game), who shot it and the way it went and everything involved '€“ it was overtime '€“ it was really exciting. Milan Lucic '€“ I was young back in 1994 when the Canucks made it all the way to the Finals. That was good. I remember it was (Gelinas or Lafayette), I don'€™t remember who it was, but he hit the post that sent it into overtime in Game 7 and it was kind of a bummer for us in Vancouver. Another thing I remember most was watching the Flames make their run when they beat Vancouver in the first round and then everybody in Western Canada jumped on their bandwagon. They were a team that worked hard and played hard every night, and they played 26 out of a possible 28 games and obviously the fell a little bit short. If you ask the guys around here (from that team) they'€™re still bitter about it. That'€™s another playoff series when you look at a team that really worked around, and you can take a lot from them.