Steelers left to 'lick our wounds' after 'butt-whupping'

November 14, 2010 - 8:23 pm

The Steelers could not sugarcoat what took place. On a night when they trailed by as many as 20 points, and when the Patriots proved a physically more imposing team on both sides of the ball en route to a 39-26 victory, the Steelers could do little but rue their own effort while praising that of their opponents. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said flatly that the Patriots were the superior team on Sunday, and that Pittsburgh had to improve if they hoped to compete against such a squad. "Give credit to New England. They beat us soundly tonight in all phases of the game, honestly," Tomlin told reporters. "We weren'€™t good enough tonight to compete with these guys. We acknowledge that. We need to look at it in great detail tomorrow to make the necessary corrections and hopefully learn from this experience, be better for it if given an opportunity ... to be in this kind of a game again. Big game tonight. We didn'€™t come through. We'€™ve got to acknowledge what their guys did, tip your hat to them. "We'll lick our wounds and move forward." And there were wounds to lick. Most notably, wide receiver Hines Ward sustained a concussion at the end of the first quarter. His streak of 186 consecutive games with a catch '€” third in NFL history at the start of the night '€” came to an end with the crushing hit from James Sanders. Yet while the absence of one of Pittsburgh's key playmakers no doubt played a part in Pittsburgh's offensive struggles (the Steelers had just three points after three quarters), the losing squad could not point to a single factor as the cause of its demise. We stunk," said quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. "Offensively, we flat out stunk. I stunk. It wasn'€™t fun. "I was bad. We were bad," the quarterback added. "You'€™ve got to give them credit. I don'€™t think they did anything to confuse us or anything like that. I think they just flat out beat us. Truth be told, I think we got a good old-fashioned butt-whupping. You never like that when it'€™s at home."