The sullen century club

October 01, 2008 - 7:40 am

The Angels finished with the best record in baseball, producing a 100-62 record that was the best in the history of the franchise of the Southern California entity. But how does such a regular season performance translate into the postseason? Should the Red Sox spare themselves from a hopeless cause, and instead enjoy a fun-filled time at nearby Disneyland? Apparently not. As it turns out, the recent history of 100-game winners in the playoffs has been dismal. The Angels are the 19th team to clear the triple-digit win total since the advent of the Division Series round of the playoffs in 1995. Of the 18 teams that come before them, just one (the 1998 Yankees) won the World Series. Four of the teams lost in the World Series, five lost in the League Championship Series and a whopping eight have lost in the Division Series.  Here's the complete list:  

2005 Cardinals 100-62 Lost: NLCS (Astros)
2004 Yankees 101-61 Lost: ALCS (Red Sox)
2004 Cardinals 105-57 Lost: WS (Red Sox)
2003 Giants 100-61 Lost: NLDS (Marlins)
2003 Braves 101-61 Lost: NLDC (Cubs)
2003 Yankees 101-61 Lost: WS (Marlins)
2002 Braves 101-59 Lost: NLDS (Giants)
2002 Yankees 103-58 Lost: ALDS (Angels)
2002 Athletics 103-59 Lost: ALDS (Twins)
2001 Athletics 102-60 Lost: ALDS (Yankees)
2001 Mariners 116-46 Lost: ALCS (Yankees)
1999 Diamondbacks 100-62 Lost: NLDS (Mets)
1999 Braves 103-59 Lost: WS (Yankees)
1998 Astros 102-60 Lost: NLDS (Padres)
1998 Braves 106-56 Lost: NLCS (Padres)
1998 Yankees 114-48 Won World Series
1997 Braves 101-61 Lost: NLCS (Marlins)
1995 Indians 100-44 Lost: WS (Braves)