The Three-Pointer: BC turtles vs. Terps

January 16, 2010 - 3:38 pm

For the second straight weekend, a team from Maryland came up the coast and walloped a New England team. In a game eerily similar to the Patriots' playoff debacle vs. the Baltimore Ravens, the Maryland Terrapins hit the BC Eagles in the mouth early and ran away with a 73-57 win. The Eagles came out flat, and midway through the game their body language made it appear that they would rather be anywhere else but on the court on this Saturday afternoon. Eagles coach Al Skinner spent a little extra time talking to his guys after the game, and said his squad needs to start playing harder to get back to the winning ways. '€œIt goes back to lack of effort,'€ said Skinner, who'€™s Eagles fell to 10-8 on the season. '€œIt'€™s disturbing. The focus, whatever you want to call it, it has to improve.'€ The Eagles clearly are struggling, losing three straight games by double-digit points, and Skinner couldn'€™t remember a time when a team he coached just didn'€™t show up to play. '€œI'€™ve had some teams that have lacked talent but didn'€™t lack a certain toughness, and this team, they are playing that way,'€ he said. Here are three things we learned from a forgettable day in Chestnut Hill. LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL? The Eagles sit at 1-3 in the ACC and find themselves looking up at the field. Luckily for BC, nobody in the league is making a move to separate from the pack. Heading into Saturday night's action, Virginia (2-0) was the only team undefeated in the league, and the Eagles still have 12 regular-season games left against ACC competition, starting with two tough road tests this week against Miami and Virginia Tech. Skinner said there is plenty of time for a turnaround. '€œThe water is muddy in the league right now, meaning there is no clear-cut favorite,'€ he said. '€œEverybody'€™s got a tarnish. I think that'€™s why I'€™m feeling as strongly as I do. There'€™s still some light at the end of the tunnel. There'€™s still some hope, so we've just got to come out and have an improved focus.'€ SHOULD JACKSON START? Sophomore guard Reggie Jackson came off the bench for the second straight game and provided one of the only sparks in the lackluster defeat. Jackson scored 11 points and dished out five assists, and he got to the line four times because he was trying to push the ball to the basket. In Wedneday night's loss to Duke, Jackson came off the bench and tied a career-high with 20 points on 8-of-12 shooting, and one might wonder if more minutes will be coming his way. CELEBRATING IN STYLE Greivis Vasquez didn'€™t score 20 points or more for the eighth straight game, but he did enough to punish the Eagles on his 23rd birthday. Vasquez scored a game-high 17 points, dished out nine assists and seemed to be all over the court. '€œHe just reads the game as he goes along,'€ Terrapins coach Gary Williams said. '€œAll the great point guards do that, but Greivis has that extra edge I think at that 6-5, 6-6 size that he gets a few more angles to make plays in there." Vasquez seemed to be enjoying himself out there, as he gestured to Maryland fans in the crowd a number of times late in the second half. '€œThat's my personality,'€ he said. '€œThat's who I am. Just trying to make this game fun.'€