A Tiger is lurking...

February 10, 2009 - 7:44 am

"I'm full-bore with my practice sessions and have no restrictions." A quote from not only golf's greatest player, but perhaps the most successful athlete in sports history - Tiger Woods.  I bet Padraig Harrington, who won two non-Tiger majors, and the rest of the PGA field paid close attention to that statement. Tiger has been spotted at Orlando Magic games from time to time, but has kept his public and press appearances to a minimum since he won the U.S. Open last summer at Torrey Pines (His 14th career major), after which he immediately had reconstructive surgery on his left knee, thus ending his 2008 golf season. So why has the Tiger emerged from the jungle? Another Tiger cub has been born. He and his wife, Elin, recently gave birth to their second child  - Charlie Axel Woods. A name that sounds more like a Major League movie character or perhaps a Top Gun pilot. It is said that Tiger has a great respect for Charlie Sifford, the first black to become a PGA Tour member, and Axel is a Swedish name that means "father of peace," according to the Web site birthcare.com (his wife Elin is Swedish). The world has known Tiger since he was two years old, when he made an appearance on national TV with Bob Hope,  and the public continued to watch in amazement as this phenom grew into a worldwide icon. Who doesn't love Tiger Woods, besides some of the guys he consistently beats on the Tour. No doubt that the golf industry as a whole suffered from Tiger's absence, both financially and on a general fan interest level - The Tiger Effect. Tiger himself was not immune to the recent economic woes that our country is currently facing, but having him back in action certainly can't hurt the golf industry and the economy as a whole this year. But after all, Tiger is human, as evidence by some of his humorous commercials, so he will undoubtedly need some help in pulling our nation forward in these uncertain times. What is for certain is that Tiger always lives up to the hype and expectations, which is amazing considering the bar that we all have set for him. And "we" includes his fans, the press, his peers on the tour, his family, his late father, his sponsors, and even his detractors. As Vern Lundquist said - "In your life have you seen anything like that!" I guess the next question would be, will we ever see anything like this again? So sit back and continue to enjoy the career of one Tiger Woods. In a world of falling stars, his still shines the brightest. Bonus LEEINKS: Tiger Woods 09 - Walk on Water Tiger Woods makes a tackle Tiger juggling Tiger impersonating Charles Barkley's Golf Swing