The Tiger roundup

December 04, 2009 - 5:54 am

OK, you've been trying to avoid all the Tiger Woods talk this week. You've tried to remain above it all. But you're weakening. No need to apologize for wanting to know the details, as Greg Doyel of explains. But Gene Frenette at writes that we can't be surprised anymore by an athlete "falling off the fidelity wagon," so let's just focus on the golf. Michael Wilbon of The Washington Post wrote an interesting column about how Woods now tops the list of athletes outed for being unfaithful, due in part to the timing. In case you need to get up to speed, here's a good way to get started. It's that much-talked-about computer-generated recreation of the accident from a foreign report on the situation. Gizmodo has a piece on how Woods could have been more careful and protective of his privacy '€” like, not using an easily traceable cell phone. Tiger's voicemail to one of his alleged mistresses asking for assistance in hiding cell phone evidence from his wife made the rounds. Now it's part of a slow jam remix on YouTube. Over at Deadpsin, someone's floating a theory that there is a Gillette jinx. Spokesmen for the razor have had a tough go of it lately '€” with the notable exception of Derek Jeter.'s Producers blog has photos of Tiger's lovely ladies (some alleged) and offers a poll for you to vote on your favorite. has a "Cheaters" takeoff of a confrontation between Tiger and his wife, Elin. Other golfers have weighed in on the subject. John Daly offers his advice, because who wouldn't want advice from John Daly? Jesper Parnevik really lit into Tiger, suggesting that if Elin chases after her husband again, she "uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron." Brad Faxon talked to Dennis & Callahan and gave his opinion. For any actual news updates, check our Associated Press feed here. And for the fake news, check out this clever report from the Sports Pickle.