Tim McCarver will retire from Fox after 2013 season

March 27, 2013 - 9:53 am

Fox lead baseball analyst Tim McCarver said Wednesday that he won't be seeking a new contract after his current deal with Fox ends after this season. After 34 years in TV broadcasting and 18 years of calling baseball on Fox, McCarver said he's been thinking the decision over for the last two years and finalized it in February. He said on a conference call that it's "time to cut back," and that he might spend time reading and taking cooking classes in Italy. "I wanted to step down while I could still do the job," said McCarver. "It's not a tough call, it's not a sad thing for me. ... But I'm going to miss Joe Buck a lot." Buck, his longtime partner at Fox, said it's "weird" to think of McCarver leaving and that McCarver has been as big an influence on his broadcasting career as Buck's father, also a broadcaster. "TV booths are filled with guys worried if the other guy has got your back," Buck said. "It's the complete opposite with the two of us. ... We've never had a cross word or looked at each other sideways. "I don't want to do these games without Tim. But I respect his decision to step aside." David Hill, a senior executive vice president at Fox parent News Corp., said Fox isn't forcing McCarver out. "It's his call and we love him to bits," Hill said.