Tomas Kaberle transcript

February 18, 2011 - 2:24 pm

Courtesy of the Bruins, here is the transcript of new Bruins defenseman Tomas Kaberle's comments to writer John Bishop: On his reaction to the deal... It was one of those things, I found out after practice today. My reaction was mixed feelings. Obviously, you know here 13 years and playing for the Leafs. It'€™s sad to leave but at the same time happy to go to Boston. Original Six, it'€™s a really good team, good organization. Hopefully I have a chance to play in the playoffs. On how he would describe himself as a player'€¦ Yeah, I think so, offensive-minded, puck mover, skate and pass mentality, just try to keep it simple. Hopefully I'€™ll help out the power play and offensive guys on the team. On his excitement to play with Zdeno Chara and David Krejci'€¦ Yeah obviously like I said, in the past, especially the last couple years, there was a lot of talk about moving out from Toronto. Boston always come up in the media and stuff. I was kind of glad about Boston because of the history and stuff like that. It'€™s such an honor to join and spend time with a new challenge for me. On his conversation with Mark Recchi this afternoon'€¦ It was actually unbelievable. Mark texted me first, congratulating me on the trade, he was happy about it, and wishing good luck and hopefully I can make it tonight, and anytime I need something I can call him or text him, and he would be more than helpful to show me around, and help me out in Boston. On his impression of the Bruins'€¦ Obviously a tough team to play against. Start with the goalies, you know they'€™re always tough to beat. Seems like a good defensive team and at the same time they'€™ve got a lot of scoring, like guys up front, which is great. I'€™m looking forward to it. On how he can help the Bruins in all three zones'€¦ I'€™m just going to try to fit to the team first. Today'€™s a busy day, with traveling, and the game. Like I said, a lot of mixed feelings, excitement at the same time. Hopefully we'€™ll have to keep it simple tonight. Obviously the first couple practices are gonna tell more about the system and everything. Hopefully I'€™ll jump right into it and fit well. On waiving his no-trade clause'€¦ Like I said, I was always thinking Boston would be nice to play for. Honestly growing up, it was my team because Raymond Bourque was playing for the team. I always looked up to him, he was like my hero when I was a kid. Now I get the chance to play for the team, so it'€™s kind of special, and you know, last year, there were a few teams on the list. This year we kind of decided to try and keep it away from media and stuff. Hopefully the Boston fit-in could be good for both sides. For me and Boston as well. On his impression of the city of Boston'€¦ I think it'€™s a great sports city, and hockey city. Because you know New England, Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins. I know I always liked the fans and inside the stadium they'€™ve been loud and always when we played them, it was such a good atmosphere