Top 10 Boston athlete film appearances: How will Tom Brady stack up in 'Ted 2'?

July 03, 2015 - 8:23 am
Professional athletes perform on the highest stage to the general amusement of millions. So why is it that so many soak up the spotlight outside of the arena, too? A valid query, but we don't care. We love to see our sports idols take their talents to the screen. Who didn't enjoy seeing the parade of NBA stars appear in Lil Bow Wow's "Like Mike"? Or maybe you preferred The King, Wayne Gretzky, in "Swingers"? And who could forget Mike Tyson's priceless Phil Collins moment in "The Hangover"? These films are iconic in large part due to the sports icons who appeared in them. Boston fans have had the privilege of watching many of their beloved pros create IMDb profiles over the years. From Celtics legends like Bob Cousy to Red Sox egos like Roger Clemens, there's a Boston athlete cameo for everyone. And with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski appearing on screen this summer in "Ted 2" and "Entourage," respectively, we have to ask the question, "Who has made the most memorable movie appearance as a Boston athlete?" Without further ado, here's our list. 10. Rick Fox -- "Blue Chips" This is where it all began for the Celtics draft pick-turned Laker-turned full-time actor. And with this qualification in mind it can be argued that Fox truly owes his illustrious career to Beantown. 9. Derek Sanderson -- "Face-Off" The Turk softened up for his appearance in this 1971 film about a Maple Leafs player and a folk singer falling in love. Sanderson soaked up fortune and fame whenever possible, and chick flicks clearly were never out of the question. 8. Drew Bledsoe -- "Jerry Maguire" In a blink-and-you-missed-it moment, the former Patriots quarterback had a brief cameo in the NFL draft scene of "Jerry Maguire." Although it may have been one of dozens of sports-centered cameos in a sports-centered film, it didn't save the film from ultimately turning into a chick flick. But hey, that's what you pay for when you watch a Cameron Crowe movie. 7. Roger Clemens -- "Cobb" Roger Clemens certainly didn't shy away from the big stage when he took to the screen in 1994 with "Cobb." The movie centers around Tommy Lee Jones, who plays the self-aggrandizing, self-proclaimed legend Ty Cobb. However, Clemens gains the spotlight as an opposing pitcher facing Cobb, meant to represent Walter Johnson. The Rocket might have had the stuff to portray the Big Train on screen, but his acting chops certainly left something to be desired. 6. Tom Brady -- "Stuck On You" Most people will have forgotten this scar on cinematic history, but we will not soon forget Tom Brady's first movie cameo. Starring Cambridge's own Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear as conjoined twins, "Stuck on You" includes a brief shot of Tom Brady and fellow Patriot Lawyer Milloy as computer geeks. Though not altogether thrilling, watching Tom Brady fix a motherboard still is more thrilling than Deflategate coverage. 5. Shawn Thornton -- "Ted" Shawn Thornton entered cinema as the odds-on favorite to tear Mark Wahlberg to shreds in "Ted." However, he makes a memorable film debut by rushing the stage as Wahlberg is singing karaoke and getting knocked down by a microphone stand. Simply listed as "Crazy Guy" in the final credits, the Bruins enforcer was well overqualified for this job. 4. Bob Cousy -- "Blue Chips" One of the brightest stars of the Celtics' glory years, Bob Cousy made his first cinematic appearance in "Blue Chips" in 1994. Starring Nick Nolte as a hot-tempered coach of a struggling college basketball team, the movie also hosted stars like Shaquille O'Neal, Dick Vitale, Penny Hardaway, Bob Knight, Rick Pitino and even Larry Bird. Cousy plays the athletic director of the fictional Western University Dolphins and he makes an admirable film debut. However, no one will remember anything but the above perfect scene from the Boston legend. 3. Jason Varitek, Johnny Damon and Trot Nixon -- "Fever Pitch" Yes, yes, Johnny Damon is a traitor and he will be till the day he dies. But even the most ardent Damon-hater must admit than when Fever Pitch arrived following the 2004 championship, rewritten ending and all, no movie better exemplified the plight, anxiety, and eventual elation of Red Sox Nation. 2. Larry Bird -- "Celtic Pride" Whenever you can push Dan Aykroyd and Daniel Stern to the point of tears, you are already a mythical figure. However, when your first name is Larry and your last name is Legend, it makes it even more impressive. Bird went on to achieve more cinematic success with "Space Jam" alongside Michael Jordan and Bill Murray. But we will never forget "Celtic Pride" as the film in which he truly earned his stripes. 1. Cam Neely -- "Dumb and Dumber" A quality film with a quality appearance by a Bruins legend as a trucker with a rough edge. The Farrelly brothers' movie remains a classic, made better by the classic line directed at Neely, "Kick his ass, Sea Bass!"