Eduardo Rodriguez

Torey Lovullo: Eduardo Rodriguez has been tipping pitches, but it's something that can be fixed

June 22, 2016 - 6:58 am

Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo acknowledges youngster Eduardo Rodriguez has been tipping his pitches, but also says that it's a fixable issue. Appearing with Mike Giardi and Rob Bradford on WEEI over the weekend, Lovullo said it's something that Rodriguez continues to work though, and remains optimistic that "good things" will happen for Rodriguez. "He's been tipping his pitches and he's been working on delivery, some mechanical things to eliminate the tipping of the pitches. When a major league hitter knows what's coming by something that you're doing your delivery before your delivered the pitch they can square up anything. They can hit any pitch in any time, any location. They know it's coming. That's how good these guys are. So we're trying to eliminate that." He added: "It's been a tough course for him. But you know we're not going to turn our back on him. We're going to continue to give the ball he's going to continue pounding the strike zone, and we look for good things to happen." Lovullo said eliminating the tipping doesn't involve a "mechanical adjustment." Instead, it's far simpler. "It's not like he's changed a release point or he is, you know, changing his direction stride or direction. Those are hard fixes. Those are things that take an offseason to work through," he said. "This is just simply when he puts his hand into the glove and grips the ball, he is turning his glove or moving his glove or manipulating his forearm in a way that hitter — and it's so specific — can see what he's going to throw. So five seconds before the pitch is delivered hitters preparing knowing a fastball is coming. And he's got a very, very aggressive fastball. "He's trying to cure it. He's trying to fix it. But when their stimulus and he's ready to make a pitch he forgets about it any revert back to it. So, we're trying to add stimulus. We're trying to get him in that mindset in between these starts to say, 'Hey look this is where you are. Slow it down. Don't do this anymore.' And that's hard to do. It takes a little bit of mindset. So, he's changing that a little bit and has nothing to do with the delivery. Once he starts his delivery, he's perfectly fine. He just has to take care of the business." Rodriguez is set to start Wednesday night against Chicago's Jose Quintana. For more Red Sox news, check out