Trojans Strike Quick In First

December 26, 2009 - 3:45 pm

Trojans freshman quarterback Matt Barkley set up the play-action, rolled to to the right and whipped the ball to his hot read, full back Stanley Havili. For Boston College this season, that has been where opposing play makers have gone to die. That is the side of the field where ACC Defensive Rookie of the year Luke Kuechly plies his wares from his Will linebacker position. Kuechly had Havili line up. He leapt towards Havili's feet and . . . Whiffed. Kuechly then watched as Havili took the ball 53 yards to pay dirt and the first score of the game. That is not how the Eagle faithful would like to see the beginning of this bowl game against one of the top programs in the country start. Their star linebacker picking dirt out of his face mask, a goose egg on the scoreboard and USC moving the ball. Barkley has been crisp, going 8 for 9 for 98 and the touchdown in the first quarter. BC moved the ball on its first drive as it picked up a couple of first downs on the strength of Dave Shinskie's arm (4 for 8, 60 yards) but had to settle for a Ryan Quigley punt. The running game has not broken loose yet and it will need to if the Eagles hope to get in this game as The Horse, Montel Harris, has five carries for one negative yard so far. He has more fumble recoveries than yards at this point (one on a botched Bazooka play and another when senior center Matt Tennant had a bad snap to Shinskie's feet from the shotgun). Beginning of the second quarter. USC 7 BC 0.