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Dave Dombrowski denies report of trade deadline restrictions to OMF: 'Totally incorrect'

Ty Anderson
August 03, 2017 - 1:32 pm

Speaking with WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria on Thursday, Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski wasted no time in shooting down a report from Sean McAdam in the Boston Sports Journal that said that Dombrowski was essentially barred from trading any of the club’s top prospects in a deadline deal.

“Well I’m not sure where he got that, but that’s totally incorrect,” Dombrowski said of the report. “I don’t know where he would have that. Now we were in a position where we would talk about anybody if it came down to it, but we didn’t think those type of impact players that fit for our organization [were there], so there really was no discussion.”

Dombrowski did confirm that he was asked about his top prospects in several deals, but that they were essentially non-starters given what the return would have been.

“We were asked about our premium prospects often, but they weren’t the type of deals that we felt made sense,” said Dombrowski. “And really, if the right deal came up, we would talk about anybody. But also, we were also in mindset talking after the Winter Meetings that we needed to do a lot to try to rebuild our system if we could.

“Of course we had a real good draft we felt this past year, and a very aggressive international signing period by [Red Sox assistant general manager] Eddie Romero out there,” Dombrowski continued. “And [Romero] felt that for him this was probably the best signing period he ever had in his career, so we felt we signed a lot of quality guys. So, not only trying to win now, but to rebuild the system.”

Replenishing the farm system was just part of the reason why the Red Sox stayed away from the Sonny Gray and Yu Darvish sweepstakes, too, although Dombrowski noted that he didn’t view either pitcher as a pressing need for the Sox this season and that the team still has faith that David Price will be a healthy and effective pitcher for the club.

At no point, however, during any of the ‘sweepstakes’ Dombrowski was in on, was he given a mandate that he was not allowed to move any top-tier prospects in a trade.

“Totally inaccurate,” Dombrowski concluded of the report.

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