LeBron James is subtweeting again.

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LeBron James subtweets Cavs ownership following GM's exit

Ty Anderson
June 20, 2017 - 1:31 am

LeBron James is tweeting again.

After the ‘mutual decision’ between Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and team general manager David Griffin to part ways on Monday, James took to Twitter to express his gratitude to Griffin helping build the Cavs squad that captured Cleveland’s first championship in 52 years back in 2016.

"If no one appreciated you Griff I did, and hopefully all the people of Cleveland! Thanks for what u did for the team for 3 yrs! We got us 1," James tweeted.

The language James chose in that tweet -- particularly when it came to ‘if no one appreciate you’ -- is more than interesting, as it seems like a shot towards Gilbert. After all, James was openly campaigning for a contract extension for Griffin, and with Griffin wanting a larger role with the organization after taking the Cavaliers to three Finals in as many years on the job.

It’s a tweet, sure, but it carries a ton of weight when we’re talking about LeBron.

Don’t kid yourself: James, still the NBA’s best player even after his club’s five-game Finals loss to the Warriors, very much runs the show when it comes to the Cavaliers. Beyond the court, too.

It was James that by all means demanded that the Cavs paid J.R. Smith big time money last summer. Smith, one of LeBron’s friends with whom he shares an agent (Rich Paul), went through a summerlong contract dispute with the club. With the sides at an impasse, it was James that publicly called for the Cavaliers to re-sign Smith. And the deal, which paid Smith $57 million on a four-year contract (it’s believed the Cavaliers originally only went as high as $11 million per year) came two weeks later.

And it was in January when James took to Twitter to suggest that he needed the Cleveland front office to bring in some extra help if the club was going to have a legitimate chance at a repeat.

From there, the Cavaliers attempted to address that and signed free agents Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut, and Larry Sanders.

But as those moves fell short in the aforementioned Finals loss to the Warriors, it had been reported that Griffin was already in talks with the Pacers for a one-year Paul George rental, and Monday came with a report that the Cavaliers were in talks with the Bulls regarding Jimmy Butler.

Griffin, of course, was relieved of his duties with the Cavaliers before he could pull the trigger on any of these deals. 

Perhaps most damaging of all, however, is the fact that Gilbert did not consult with James before making his decision

The potential rising tensions between James and Cavaliers ownership comes just days after numerous rumors that have floated the idea of James moving to Los Angeles as a free agent in 2018.