The Bruins released their 2017-18 schedule.

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Thursday's Panthers-Bruins game expected to go on as scheduled

Ty Anderson
January 03, 2018 - 11:54 pm

The show must go on.

This is especially true when you’re talking about Game 39 of the NHL regular season, and a fierce rival of an Atlantic head-to-head between the Bruins and Panthers.

With Massachusetts expected to get absolutely pounded by a ‘bombogenesis’ (great potential band name, by the way), and the Boston area expected to deal with vicious wind gusts up to 70 MPH and 10-to-15 inches of snow, it would almost make too much sense for the Bruins to postpone their game and make it up at a later date.

But according to a league source -- at least as of this posting anyways -- the game will go on as scheduled. Both the B’s and Panthers have gone ahead and canceled their morning skates, but have scheduled player/coach availability beginning at 4:30 p.m.

The Bruins have not postponed a game due to weather since Feb. 9, 2013, when a blizzard and subsequent travel ban made a Lightning-Bruins game unplayable.

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