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5 realistic draft picks for the Celtics

By DANNY DRAGIN Once again the NBA offseason is completely hectic and fake news is flying around more than birds in a Hitchcock movie. Obviously the Celtics made huge news last offseason, and it would take a profound move to make as big of a splash as the Kyrie Irving deal. After so many seasons of... Read More

Thinking out loud: Is it college hoops season yet?

By John Rooke Thinking out loud…while wondering how I can be randomly selected for jury duty, yet not be randomly selected to win the lottery? College hoops yet? We only have five more months to go, along with the finish of the baseball season, the kickoff to football and the start to pro... Read More

Friars announce 2018 non-conference schedule

By John Rooke At first glance, Ed Cooley must think highly of his new kids. Providence released its’ 2018 non-Big East schedule Tuesday, and the 13 opponents (8 home, 3 neutral, 2 away) feature a few college basketball heavyweights in the mix. The season opens on Tuesday, November 6th at the Dunkin... Read More

Thinking out loud: Julian Edelman suspension not a big deal

By John Rooke Thinking out loud…while wondering how in the world Bill Russell vs. Wilt Chamberlain wouldn’t be televised? I don’t care. Does it stink that Julian Edelman was suspended – pending appeal – for PED violations? Of course. Was he wrong to do what he did? By the letter-of-the-law, yes. Do... Read More

Thinking out loud: Missed opportunity for Celtics

By John Rooke Thinking out loud…while wondering if Tom Werner should now give “Leave it to Beaver” another try? Let’s start the Mo Bamba Love Train, shall we? Can’t help but feel this was a missed opportunity for the Celtics, but as we conduct the post-mortem on the season, the big picture view is... Read More

Thinking out loud: NBA draft talk to start heating up

By John Rooke Thinking out loud…while wondering if my parents would consider letting me move back in? We’re slowly coming up on the deadline date (May 30th) for college basketball players testing the NBA Draft process – and either staying in the mix, or returning to school. It doesn’t look good for... Read More

Why it's so hard to appreciate LeBron James

By JIM HACKETT There’s been no shortage of LeBron legacy chatter around here of late and it’s time to get the full story straight. I’m hearing lots of bits and pieces on-air from show to show that don’t really add it all up. In fairness, LeBron is a complex cocktail and it can be tough to get a... Read More