Boston schools partner with Bluebikes to encourage sustainable transportation

September 19, 2018 - 11:56 am

Since the new bicycle-sharing program called “Bluebikes” cemented itself into Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville sidewalks last March, local universities have taken notice. Boston University announced Monday that students can purchase the service at a discounted price, marking yet another instance of a university in the Boston area doing so.

Harvard, UMass Boston and MIT announced partnerships with Bluebikes earlier this year. Harvard and UMass Boston students and faculty receive the annual service for $70 (originally $99), while MIT students receive the service for $35. Boston University currently lists the student price on its website at $52.50 per year. 

Bluebike stations are littered across these campuses, with six operating stations at BU, two at UMass Boston, 12 at Harvard and 10 in the MIT area. While Northeastern and Tufts do not offer a discount to students, they do advertise the vast number of stations across the campuses for students to use. 

This trend illustrates the city's bourgeoning interest in alternative transportation methods, particularly those that are more sustainable. BU’s website also offers a price comparison between riding the T and a Bluebike, presumably to encourage use of the service.

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