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Should Chris Sale win American League Cy Young?

September 20, 2018 - 9:47 am

With the baseball regular season winding down, so are the races for the end of year awards, including the Cy Young.

According to Bovada, Chris Sale is the favorite despite only pitching four innings since Aug. 12. This was part of a debate Thursday morning on Kirk & Callahan with Gerry Callahan, John Tomase and Alex Reimer.

“He’s still a heavy favorite," Callahan said. "Chris Sale is 5/11, heavy favorite to win the Cy Young. … Do you think writers who pride themselves of looking beyond the basic numbers, the old outdated numbers… Do you look beyond innings, because if you look beyond innings Sale would win.”

“No, you can’t look beyond innings. That’s crazy," Tomase responded. "[Justin] Verlander will pitch 70 more innings. … Whatever the reason, if you pitch 70 or 80 fewer innings than your competitor, unless your ERA is zero, you should not win.”

“Verlander, or somebody like that will win," Tomase added.

Reimer on the other hand has a different approach.

“I’m on the Blake Snell train for Cy Young," he said.

Who do you think should win? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.