The Skate Podcast: Bruins shouldn’t play hardball with Charlie McAvoy

August 06, 2019 - 3:46 pm

Coming on the heels of Matt Kalman’s column imploring the Bruins to lock up restricted free agent defenseman Charlie McAvoy with a long-term deal, Kalman and Ken Laird talked about whether the Bruins were going to mess up the situation with their No. 1 defenseman of the future.

“Are they looking for a bridge deal, which for me doesn’t make sense for them because he’s just going to want more and more,” Kalman said.

“Maybe you play a little harder hardball with [Brandon> Carlo or next year with [Jake> DeBrusk. These are the guys you mess with, you don’t mess with a Charlie McAvoy. And you wonder if they’re just trying to hold the line. If it comes down to this idea that everyone has to be David Pastrnak and not play for money … are you holding this budget that no one makes more than these guys [Pastrnak, Brad Marchand, etc.> because they all fell in line.”

Kalman and Laird also talked about Bergeron’s ranking on the NHL Network Top 20 Players Right Now list and touched on the Torey Krug situation.

At the top of the show they were joined by young Evan Marinofsky of CLNS Media. Evan talked about his plan to trade goaltender Jaroslav Halak in order for the Bruins to clear cap space.

“He’s 34, he’s inconsistent. Does anyone really think Halak is going to play this year the way he did last year? I don’t,” Marinofsky said.

Marinofsky also brought some much-needed youth to appeal to the millennial demographic and expand the show’s reach.

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