Can Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown coexist with one another?

December 21, 2018 - 10:30 am

Prior to Wednesday's game against the Suns, forward Jaylen Brown made it clear that he's not satisfied with his role with the Celtics.

Despite the recent success that turned into an eight-game winning streak, Brown has vowed to regain his starting job. He wants to prove to his teammates that he’s worthy enough to start games instead of coming off the bench. Now, with Marcus Morris, who's nursing a knee injury and is considered day-to-day, temporarily out of the picture, Brown has a chance to prove he's worthy of starting over one of the Celtics' most consistent scorers.

The third-year wing told ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan in an exclusive one-on-one interview that moving to the second unit has been the most difficult thing he’s ever had to do throughout his NBA career. On the latest episode of the Banner 18 podcast, Patrick Gilroy and Josue Pavon question why a starting role is so important to Brown and what it could mean in terms of his relationship with the Celtics moving forward.

Pavon isn’t a fan of what Brown had to say, and doesn’t understand why someone like Gordon Hayward can accept his secondary role while Brown is complaining about his.

“Do you see Gordon Hayward saying the type of things that Jaylen Brown is saying right now?” Pavon asked. “Could you imagine if Gordon Hayward had a Jackie MacMullan piece where he’s talking about how ‘Oh, I’m going to prove to Kyrie Irving and the rest of my teammates that I’m going to be in the starting lineup?’

Gilroy isn’t sure Brown and Hayward can co-exist with each other as members of the second unit if or when Morris eventually returns to his starting spot, while Pavon believes it’s possible but Brown has to buy in to Brad Stevens’ system and what’s best for the team. If not, step aside and watch Stevens give his minutes to Semi Ojeleye, who Pavon believes is a hard-working back up, who's eager and capable of taking on a pivotal role off the bench.   

“I think ultimately here as Hayward continues to evolve, continues to get healthier, their two games – meaning Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward – they kind of, sort of, meet in the middle here,” Gilroy explains. “At some point we’re going to see that Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown are actually relatively similar players when they’re on the floor together for the rest of their teammates. They fill a very similar role."

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