Chris Curtis offers an honest Josh Gordon conversation

December 22, 2018 - 8:33 am

In his first solo hosting effort on "WEEI at Night" Chris Curtis offered one of the most honest and insightful perspectives when it comes to the Josh Gordon situation.

The producer from the Mut & Callahan Show, who battled alcoholism for the better part of 10 years up until 2015, spent two hours explaining the challenges and realities when it comes to someone who is plagued by addiction, as seems to be the case with the suspended Patriots wide receiver.

"I find it to be very interesting how many people in the media are so quick to pass judgments, to say he's a waste of talents," Curtis said. "There is so little understanding about substance abuse and mental health."

Curtis offers excellent insight on the matter, integrating specific examples of his own challenges while going into where Gordon is most likely coming from.