Why Dale & Keefe think the NHL regular season should immediately be cancelled

March 26, 2020 - 3:59 pm

When the NHL suspended play because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Bruins had 12 games left in their regular season.

Those games might not be worth playing even if the NHL is able to start up again as soon as June or July. That was the topic of a piece written by Greg Wyshynski of ESPN, and on Thursday Dale & Keefe echoed those sentiments.

“The Boston Bruins put together part of this $1.5 million fund for the Bruins and TD Garden part-time gameday associates, who will be ‘financially burdened if the six remaining regular season Bruins games are not played.’ OK, cancel them now. Cancel them now, give them the money now. Don’t make that even a question,” co-host Dale Arnold said.

“If you do get to resume the season, if that happens, you go right into the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s probably going to take you a couple of months to get that over with. But absolutely cancel the rest of the NHL regular season right now. There’s not that much left to it anyway.”

Co-host Rich Keefe agreed that the No. 1 reason to cancel the rest of the regular season is to get people paid in places where ownership is only willing to pay its workers for games that aren’t played.

“And you would say, alright, you’ve got a lot of people waiting around that can’t work, but you’re also kind of hanging on to their money because there’s still kind of that dangling carrot that like ‘well what if they resume in June?’ It’s like alright, well what do you want these people to do for three months?” Keefe said. “So if they can pay them now, that’s probably the best reason to cancel the regular season to me, then even you’ve got to speed this up and you don’t want the calendars to overlap and all that other stuff.”

Arnold pointed out that it’s more than just the workers who are missing their money right now.

“And speaking of money … every Bruins game is sold out, we understand that. That means there’s a bunch of people holding tickets that if you canceled the season, they can get their money back at a time when many of them need their money back more than they need to be holding on to a ticket that probably won’t get paid anyway.”

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