Dale & Keefe react to Bruins’ Game 1 loss: ‘It was a mess’

April 12, 2019 - 12:17 pm

The Bruins suffered an ugly loss in Game 1 of the playoffs on Thursday night and Dale & Keefe reacted to it off the top of the show on Friday morning.

“It was like they were handling a hand grenade out there,” Dale said.

“It was kind of everybody,” Keefe said of where to place blame for the loss. “They were all pretty much involved in coughing that one up.”

“It was a mess,” he also said. “It was hard to find even a bright spot.”

“Your best players weren’t your best players last night,” Dale said, citing one of the team’s biggest problems in the loss.

Dale went on to say, with respect to Charlie Coyle, if Coyle is your best player, that is an issue.

“Yeah, you’re screwed,” Keefe agreed. “You can’t do it that way.”