Dale & Keefe react to Bruins’ Game 3 loss: Lack of physicality ‘hurt them’

April 16, 2019 - 1:28 pm

The Bruins lost Game 3 of the playoffs on Monday night and Dale and Keefe reacted to the team falling to 1-2 in the series on Tuesday.

“Their execution was sorely lacking,” Dale said. “They got beat because their penalty kill didn’t do the job.”

“All you have to do is split these two games in Toronto and you’re in good shape,” he continued. “But you have to perform better than they did last night. Power play was awful, penalty kill was subpar.”

Dale also saw a key difference in Games 2 and 3 for the Bruins.

“In Game 2, they were the initiators of the physicality,” he said. “They took the physical game to the Leafs...the Bruins didn’t take that same physicality to the Leafs last night as they did in the Game 2 and I thought it hurt them."

Keefe had guaranteed the Bruins wouldn’t win the series in five games, as he had promised to eat his sneakers if they did.

“It’ll probably be seven (games),” Keefe said. “I still think the Bruins will win the series.”