Dale & Keefe react to Red Sox’ 6-12 record: ‘Mathematically … your chances of making the playoffs almost don’t exist’

April 17, 2019 - 12:04 pm

The Red Sox lost to the Yankees on Tuesday night, giving them a 6-12 record on the season and leading Dale & Keefe to take a look at the team’s biggest issues on Wednesday.

“They went from the best Red Sox team in history to a team that is now having one of the worst starts in team history,” Keefe said.

Using the Angels’ 6-14 start before winning the World Series in 2002 and the 2001 A’s 6-12 start as the only two teams with starts this bad and made the playoffs in the Wild Card Era, Dale stated, “Mathematically, here’s the bottom line: Your chances of making the playoffs almost don’t exist” with a start like this.

“They have just really taken it to new heights,” Keefe said of how the team has played so far this season.

The “comical” ERAs of the starting pitchers is a problem, with the unreliability of Chris Sale so far.

“When Chris Sale is not the dominant Cy Young candidate, that really has such a ripple effect on the rest of the team,” Keefe said.

The show even tweeted out a poll asking “What interests you most tonight?” and found more people are interested in the NFL schedule release than the Red Sox game against the Yankees.