The Skate Podcast: Bruins Stanley Cup hero Dennis Seidenberg talks retirement

October 30, 2019 - 4:02 pm

After 859 NHL regular season games over 15 seasons, 38-year-old defenseman Dennis Seidenberg announced his retirement this week.

Around these parts, Seidenberg is best known for his starring role on the Bruins’ top defense pair with Zdeno Chara during the run to the 2011 Stanley Cup championship. The Skate Podcast co-host Matt Kalman caught up with Seidenberg for a special bonus episode.

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Seidenberg talked about the Bruins’ big win in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference final against Tampa Bay, what it was like when he came to Boston and spent seven years here, and what his career means in the big picture considering he was a bit of a trailblazer among German hockey players.

Seidenberg finished his playing career in 2017-18 with the New York Islanders, and he’s been skating with some of their injured players in hopes of transitioning into a coaching or player development position. Already we’ve seen Chris Kelly (Bruins), Gregory Campbell (Columbus), Mark Recchi (Pittsburgh) and Rich Peverley (Dallas) make a similar in recent years. Seidenberg talked about why so many players from the Cup team have stayed in the game.

“I think we’re all passionate about the sport of hockey. And I guess when you do win and you have a reputation of a team like we had back then, I think it helps you going forward after you’re done playing. And maybe that’s why guys are being hired and getting jobs and stay with teams they finished their careers or go back like Chris to Boston.

“But I think it definitely helps when you win and you get a certain stamp, your team shows so much character.”

So does he expect see Chara become head coach Zdeno Chara sometime in the future?

“I mean I don’t know if he would be interested in that, but I could definitely see him as a demanding head coach and a very eager, very good caring guy. … But it’s up to him whether he wants it or not.”

Of course Chara’s next chapter is still a ways off because at 42 he continues to be a mainstay for the Bruins on the. In terms of physical fitness and raw strength, Seidenberg was one of the few players that could match Chara. Retirement has made Seidenberg be even more impressed by the accomplishments of his former teammate.

“It is amazing. I mean … stuff started hurting with me, and he’s just a physical specimen. He’s always worked out probably harder than me and managed to stay healthy. That’s just impressive, with a big frame like his, being able last that long and still perform at the level that he does until today, I mean every time I watch him I’m like ‘how does he do it?’”