NFL Media's Mike Giardi on GHS: Cam Newton will be great test for Jarrett Stidham

July 02, 2020 - 9:49 am

One of the fallouts of the Cam Newton signing is how will it impact Jarrett Stidham.

The two will compete for the starting job, but if Newton is anything close to what he's been he certainly has a huge advantage. This could be a hit towards Stidham's confidence, but appearing on The Greg Hill Show Thursday, NFL Media's Mike Giardi posed the opposite view.

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What if Stidham uses it to motivate him to prove he's actually the better quarterback for the job?

“You can say that there was nothing promised, and of course the Patriots never really promise you anything — you’re here, you’re on the team, one of 53, let’s go — but Cam is in the room and immediately people gravitate towards and they look to as the guy," Giardi said. "I think that is why teams didn’t bring him in in other places, Chicago being one, because they still want (Mitch) Trubisky to be the starter. If you bring in Cam, the whole team is going to be like, ‘Cam on his worst day is better than Mitch on his best day.’ There is no competition. Here, I think it is a sort of similar thing with the one caveat being we don’t know — obviously the video looks good, but we don’t know how healthy Cam is, how strong the arm is, and that was a problem for him in 2018, and obviously how quickly can he pick things up without having an offseason with the team. Stidham does have some advantages in that regard, but I just think from a sheer talent, gravitational pull, whatever you want to say, I think Cam is the guy.

“To me, this is a great test for Stidham because look, when he comes in last year he’s not beating out Tom Brady, we all know he’s not beating out Tom Brady. So you learn, you observe, he got more first-team reps because Brady didn’t always practice, all those sorts of things, but there was no competition there -- I guess competition with Brian Hoyer, but let’s face it, Brian is what he is. This is sort of a competition.

"This forces a little bit of, ‘OK, show me something now because you thought maybe you were going to be the guy and now we are telling you Cam Newton is here, so put your chips on the table. Show me what you got. Try to convince the teammates that maybe he gravitational pull is over there, but I am the better quarterback now.’ That I think is probably what they are hoping for, some sort of buck up from Stidham saying, ‘No, no. This is my team.’ I think that will be the interesting thing if and when we get to camp.”

As of now, training camp is scheduled to go on as schedule in late July.

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