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Ian Rapoport on Not Sunday podcast: Patriots 100 percent made right decision trading Jimmy Garoppolo

January 03, 2018 - 6:00 am

NFL Media's Ian Rapoport joined The Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable to discuss all things Patriots, including Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia potentially leaving New England, the Jimmy Garoppolo trade, if the organization ever considered trading Tom Brady and much more.

Rapoport believes both McDaniels and Patricia will end up taking head coaching jobs elsewhere.

“I would say right now it is likely that both leave," he said. "Let’s start with Josh. First of all, every year it seems he’s the most coveted candidate. He has the background, he has experience, he can learn from the things that didn’t go well in Denver and apply it and come out on the better side this time. He’s not going to have to run personnel like he did last time, and he’s been very choosey as far as which jobs he wants. He could have had San Francisco last year, obviously decided not to go through with that. This year there are some really interesting, good jobs.

"You’ve got the Giants with a really good GM now. You have a quarterback with the team picking No. 2, so he can have a veteran and the chance to groom a young quarterback, and a great franchise — one that Bill Belichick knows very well and speaks very highly of. That would be one. You’ve got the Colts with Andrew Luck. I mean that is a great thing. [McDaniels] and Chris Ballard have a good relationship. You’ve got the Titans possibly opening with Marcus Mariota. I think that’s an interesting one. I think this year is the year where there would be enough good jobs that Josh would take so he would leave.

“Matt Patricia is a little bit of a different candidate. He doesn’t have experience as a head coach, obviously. He’s brilliant. He’s gotten more and more interviews recently and I think he is someone people are taking a hard look at. I mean that Detroit job is for him almost a perfect one. It has Bob Quinn from New England, it’s got an offensive staff that is great. It’s got a team with a lot of talent that you can just come in and win. I think he’s got a really good chance there, so I think both coordinators end up leaving.”

Here are more highlights from the interview.

On if McDaniels/Patricia have an idea of how long Bill Belichick has left: “Not to my knowledge. One thing about Bill is he doesn’t exactly talk about his personal life and plans and contract situation. He doesn’t really talk about any of that stuff. I haven’t heard anything to point me to the fact that he would be leaving. It’s the same thing with Jimmy Garoppolo. He wanted to play and I think the only way to play is leave New England because [Tom] Brady could be around forever, literally forever. I would imagine for Josh and Matt Patricia, they want to play. They want to have the chance to be a head coach. 

“I never got the sense that either of those guys are waiting around for Bill to leave because first of all, you don’t even know if they would get it. Some people can pick their successors, but not everyone, and I don’t know which why that would go.”

On the Jimmy Garoppolo trade: “A hundred percent I think they made the right decision making the trade. In terms of them only getting a second-rounder, that happened for two reasons. One, that is basically the market. For a young quarterback who is going to get a contract extension, the market is a second-rounder — the same thing [Matt] Cassel got. Alex Smith was a proven commodity and he got traded for two second-rounders — a little more, but not a ton more. That is just the market. [Belichick] sought out the Niners, wanted to make sure [Garoppolo] was in a great situation, which obviously he is and sacrificed a little bit on draft picks to make sure he was in a good situation.

“Here is the thing about Bill Belichick. He trades a lot, obviously. He talks to everyone, and I am not sure there’s a team he won’t do business with. It helps him if this trade works out for both sides. The Patriots are going to get a second-rounder. It is going to be much cheaper. It might be a quarterback again, but we’ll see. It is definitely going to be much cheaper and it allows them big time flexibility in the draft, which you can do all sorts of fun things, and the Niners got their quarterback of the future. That is a win-win.

"One thing I always understood about Belichick trading is he does not want to win every trade. If you win every trade you start to become like the Atlanta Braves used to be in the early 2000s and the late 1990s. If the Braves wanted to trade you a pitcher, you would run for the hills because you knew something was wrong with him. If Belichick trades, he wants it to be where he is not trying to screw you over. I think he likes when trades are successful for both sides, so that means more people are going to want to do business with you. More possibilities for good trades. I would imagine he’s happy Garoppolo is doing well and that it is a win-win.

“Let’s say they didn’t trade Garoppolo. There were options. They had contract talks with him, tried to sign him to a new deal in the spring. They could have done it. They could have done it, but Jimmy wanted to play, and are you really going to trade Tom Brady for a young quarterback you just don’t know what you have? I don’t see it.”

On if organization considered trading Brady: “From my understanding, inside the Patriots organization, trading Brady was never something that was on the table. It was simply not going to happen.”

Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 15: Ian Rapoport believes both Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia will leave New England; Patriots made right move trading Jimmy Garoppolo

Episode 15 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features NFL Media's Ian Rapoport who gives the latest on Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia potentially leaving New England, why Bill Belichick wants Jimmy Garoppolo to succeed with the 49ers, and a look at the Patriots team entering the postseason.

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