Julia Rose joins GHS to discuss World Series flashing, raising money for breast cancer

October 30, 2019 - 9:35 am

Instagram model and SHAGMAG CEO Julia Rose joined The Greg Hill Show on Wednesday to talk about flashing her breasts on camera during Game 5 of the World Series. 

Rose, who pulled off the stunt with co-worker Lauren Summer, said her motive was to raise money for breast cancer while promoting their digital magazine. 

“We knew October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” Rose said. “We also have been running a digital magazine and we wanted some way to give back so we thought, ‘let’s pull a pretty big PR stunt'… We knew if we could cause some ruckus and raise some money that we could help some women pay off some medical bills and that was definitely our motive behind it.” 

She said the planning began about a year ago and they chose the World Series because they knew where the cameras would be placed. 

“When it came to cameras, live TV and knowing where the cameras would be at certain times, it’s a lot easier to predict when it comes to baseball rather than football or hockey,” Rose said. “We knew we could get tickets we knew where the camera would be and kind of just take a gamble on it.” 

She also said she was surprised Major League Baseball banned her for life but was more surprised she wasn’t really arrested. 

“I was surprised we didn’t get arrested arrested,” she said, adding she thinks the ban was “a little much” but accepts the consequences of her actions. 

She explained the letters from the league was handed to them while they were being detained for two hours and were not sent in the mail, as some believed. 

Rose said they have already raised around $28,000-$30,000 for the cause and that is all coming from a percentage of people who subscribe to SHAGMAG. 

The motive behind this, she said, was twofold. 

“I feel like it goes hand in hand,” she said of promoting the magazine and breast cancer awareness. “ … I feel like it’s kind of a little bit of both. When it comes to self-promotion, the more promotion that SHAGMAG gets … the more money we’re able to donote.”

She Rose also confirmed her breasts are real and she has plans to do this again at another sporting event.