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Mehta: Braylon Edwards once called Tom Brady a 'system quarterback'

November 23, 2018 - 9:44 am

The topic punctuated Manish Mehta's interview on Mut & Callahan with Alex Reimer and Greg Dickerson Friday morning.

Dickerson flatly stated that the Patriots' followers should want the Jets to be good, which hasn't been the case this season. To that, the New York Daily News reporter said, "They might miss it while they have Tom Brady on their side but I’m not sure they will be happy when Sam Darnold is a perennial Pro-Bowler."

Surfacing the greatness of Brady paved the way for Mehta to reveal how revered the Patriots quarterback by those on the Jets side of things over the years ... with one exception.

"(Jets outside linebacker Brandon Copeland) called Tom Brady one of the founding fathers of the NFL, which made me laugh," Mehta said. "I’ve covered the league for 15 years and I have not seen an opposing player that has garnered more respect privately and publicly. Publicly players will say the right things most of the time, but even privately I have not found a player who has criticized Tom Brady over the last 15 years. Everyone has so much respect for him. Offensive players. Defensive players. Young players. Older players. I had one guy who was critical of Brady about eight years ago who said Brady was a product of the system, which made me laugh out loud at the time."

So who was the "one guy" Mehta was referencing?

"I’ll tell you now, he’s not playing anymore: Braylon Edwards," the Jets' beat writer said. "He once told me Brady was a product of the system and I started laughing. He said he was dead serious. Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how wrong it is."

Edwards serving as the outlier is even more interesting considering he, like Brady, played for the University of Michigan.

The former wide receiver, who came after Brady at Michigan, did publicly support the quarterback during the Deflategate controversy, telling the Detroit Free-Press, "To me, I think it’s overblown. I really do. Starting from even when they initially said he took some of the air out of the balls, they were under 13 pounds. And I’m like, does that really make a difference in terms of what you had to do on your side of the ball? Your job is to stop Brady from getting the pass off. Your job is to stop the receiver from catching the ball."

Edwards was suspended indefinitely from the Big 10 Network earlier this year after violating the network's social media policy, having criticized the Wolverines.