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Mike Giardi on Not Sunday podcast explains how real Rob Gronkowski trade rumors were, what team was seeking in return

June 18, 2018 - 11:05 pm

Remember those Rob Gronkowski trade rumors that the Patriots and owner Robert Kraft denied profusely? Maybe there was some actual truth to them.

Appearing on the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable, NBC Sports Boston's Mike Giardi detailed everything he's learned about the situation and it seems the Patriots gave real thought to dealing him as a way to get into the top 10 of April's draft.

“My understanding was they were very much in conversations about getting up into the top 10 of the draft even if that meant even using another one of their two first-round picks to help make that happen. That would have been something they would have considered," Giardi said. "Now, what the target was to go up? My understanding was quarterback, but I have heard some other people say [Notre Dame left tackle Mike] McGlinchey. Mostly what I have been told was there was an affinity for a couple of quarterbacks in this draft and they were willing to do it. You could only imagine what would have happened then, by the way, if they had done that and traded up into the top 10 and drafted say Josh Rosen. I wonder how Tom Brady would have felt about all that. 

“Look, the timeline, for anyone who wants to deny, and I know Robert Kraft called it hogwash, but I think when you listen to his quote, I think the hogwash was he put the kibosh on the deal, and I think that is a third-wheel topic for him. I don’t think he wants to be known as that guy. I think that is part of him refuting some of the stuff that went on in the Brady-[Jimmy] Garoppolo timeline last fall. To me, that’s more what he was issuing the hogwash to more than anything.

“You look at the timeline. Gronk is unhappy. Gronk is throwing it in [Bill] Belichick’s face on social media every chance he gets about his training and he wants money and the whole nine yards. We’re forced to read into because he didn’t just come out and say it, but it was pretty clear. And when we first talked to him, that was exactly what he wanted — both the training, which he repeated over and over, and the money, which he clearly wants.

"After, they said, ‘Alright, this isn’t going to work. He’s not going to do this.’ Then you hear [Tom] Brady gets wind of it and Brady floats out, or has his people float out to [Adam] Schefter, ‘Well, he hasn’t exactly said he’s going to play this year.’ I think that is where you get the Brady threatened to retire. Well, Brady was pissed about those conversations. You have that and then you have the Monster press conference. Two days later you have the come-to-Jesus moment between Belichick, [Drew] Rosenhaus and Gronkowski. Gronk not only reaffirms his desire to play, but to play for the Patriots and that is all Bill needed to hear. There you go, Thursday is the draft and he’s no longer on the table, or no longer in discussions.”

While some may say these rumors were false, Giardi says there was a real possibility of Gronkowski actually getting dealt.

“I don’t think it was BS," he said. "I think they feel obviously better that they had that meeting and he at least now is on the football team, and I am assuming it is going to stay that way. Although, you never know with him and how he might act -- Gronkowski, if he doesn’t get that deal, which has been rumored to be in the works for a while. There was no hogwash to that. That was real and it could have been spectacular, in a lot of ways.”

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