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NFL draft guru Tony Pauline on Not Sunday podcast: Patriots QB targets Kyle Lauletta, Luke Falk being over-hyped

March 07, 2018 - 10:32 am

Appearing on the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable,'s Tony Pauline had a ton of insight on the NFL draft, including some potential Patriots quarterback targets.

Pauline has some different players in mind than most.

“I don’t know who that guy would be in the first round that they would take, unless they think Lamar Jackson is their guy and they think they can develop [him]," he said. "Really after the top four guys it kind of falls off a cliff depending on what you feel about Lamar Jackson, who I like, but he did not do well at the Senior Bowl. 

“Two guys to keep in mind for them late in the third round, or if they are available in the fourth round are Mason Rudolph or Mike White. Two guys who need some time, need some development. I especially like White out of Western Kentucky. He is a smart guy. He has some growth potential. I think he could be a very good quarterback down the road with proper training and NFL weight conditioning program. Mason Rudolph has a decent arm, but he needs a lot of work on his game and those are the types of guys the Patriots look at in the middle rounds, if they in fact want to go quarterback.”

He is not buying into the Kyle Lauletta hype.

“Not a big Kyle Lauletta fan," Pauline said. "He is smart. He gets it between the ears. He has adequate size. He has an average arm. He’s more of an anticipation passer. I just don’t believe he has the physical skills for the next level. Now there are some teams that do like him. I talked to a couple of people who believe he could be a fourth or fifth round pick, I am just not one of them.”

Some have him going in the second or third-round, but he doesn't see it.

“From my perspective, no," Pauline said. "It only takes one team, but from my perspective, no. The quarterbacks are usually always over-hyped leading up to the draft and then the reality sets in. I don’t know what he has done to deserve a second or third-round pick. It’s not like he’s the biggest guy in the world. He doesn’t have a strong arm to begin with and doesn’t have a great amount of growth potential where you can take two or three years down the road and he’s going to be much stronger. I just don’t see that.”

Luke Falk out of Washington State was another player who many see as a Patriots target in the second or third round, but Pauline noted he had a bad combine.

“I had him as a second-round pick, but he really did not do well at the combine," he said. "I think he tried to show he had a strong arm and as a result, the passes were all over the place. Luke Falk is usually a very good anticipatory thrower. He gets it between the ears. He does a good job with his reads. For the most part he stays away from the bad passes, or the bad mistakes. I was surprised by his combine workout, how poor it was because I was expecting a lot.

"He did have a hurt wrist, his non-throwing wrist last year, which I think hurt a lot of his development and that Mike Leach system is kind of a read and throw, so you’re not always throwing with the proper fundamentals with the right leg drive, or moving your hips into the throw. I think if he is there late in the third, it would be a consideration, but again he is a guy that needs coaching and needs time, which I think the Patriots have both.”

Below is the complete episode, which features more great combine and draft insight.