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NFL Media's draft guru Daniel Jeremiah on Not Sunday podcast: Patriots shouldn't draft QB in 1st round, keep an eye on Kyle Lauletta

February 22, 2018 - 12:50 pm

One of the biggest topics next week at the NFL combine is which quarterback is suited best for the Patriots, if in fact they do select a quarterback in this year's draft.

Appearing on the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable, NFL Media's draft guru Daniel Jeremiah said the Patriots could potentially find Tom Brady's successor outside the first round.

“There have been several guys over the last seven or eight years — several starting quarterbacks, Pro Bowl caliber quarterbacks that have been found outside the first round," he said. "You can always say there is potential for that guy to be there. The challenge is identifying who it is. I think there are a couple of intriguing players that aren’t going to go in the first round — Kyle Lauletta from Richmond is a good one, Luke Falk, I don’t think Mason Rudolph will go in the first round.

"I think you look at those three names right there. Mike White is another one outside the first round. There’s some intriguing players there, but again, it is hard to get a Pro Bowl quarterback in the top-10. The odds are even longer when you go for one outside the first round, or if you’re picking where the Patriots are every year at the very bottom.”

In fact, Jeremiah said he doesn't believe the Patriots should draft a QB in the first round.

“If I were them, I wouldn’t take one in the first round," he said.

As for names to keep an eye on, Jeremiah is very high on Lauletta. The Richmond QB has drawn some comparisons to Jimmy Garoppolo.

“When I saw him live for the first time I thought OK, he kind of reminds me of a little bit of a suped-up version of Drew Stanton," he said. "Drew Stanton has started games in the league. He’s been in the league for a long time coming out of Michigan State. The more I watch him I think he is a better version than that. Just in terms of -- I don’t think he has one trait that is going to blow you away with arm strength, accuracy, athletic ability, all that stuff -- he’s just solid. He’s really, really good across the board.

"I think [Jimmy] Garoppolo had a little bit more pop on the ball coming out. He has a little more twitch as a player overall. I don’t think he’s quite the athlete from that standpoint that Jimmy was. There are some similarities there and there’s no discernible weakness either.”

Another name to remember is Washington State's Luke Falk, who has some similarities to Brady.

“You can watch some of his mannerisms in the pocket," Jeremiah said. "He moves around like Tom and when you get to know him — I have met with him several times — that was his idol growing up, as I am sure several of these quarterbacks, Tom Brady was their idol. That is who he’s studied for a long time. You can see him adopting some of those mannerisms. He doesn’t have the arm strength that Tom has. That is the one difference between the two. Toughness inside the pocket, he’s got that, and release, mannerism and movement, he’s very similar to Tom.”

Also on the podcast, Jeremiah touches on a few defensive players the Patriots could be interested in high in the draft, as well as how important the combine is for players and teams.

Not Sunday, Ep. 19: NFL Media's draft guru Daniel Jeremiah details which QB is best for Patriots

Episode 19 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features NFL Media draft expert Daniel Jeremiah, who goes in-depth on the NFL draft and which quarterback the Patriots could potentially draft. He also explains why the NFL combine is so valuable for players and teams.

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