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NFL Media's Ian Rapoport on Not Sunday podcast goes in-depth on Patriots trade of Jimmy Garoppolo

November 21, 2017 - 3:58 pm

It's been just about a month since the Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers for a 2018 second-round pick.

Appearing on the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable, NFL Media's Ian Rapoport detailed the timeline of things, including contract extension talks between Garoppolo and the Patriots, why he wasn't dealt this past offseason and whether or not franchising him was ever in play.

Rapoport confirmed Garoppolo was never made available this offseason.

“It was interesting because he was simply not available during the draft," he said. "The Browns made a better offer than the Patriots ended up taking, but he was just not available because if there is one constant with Bill Belichick and the way he handles his team, specifically veterans, it’s he does not make any judgments on them until they come to training camp and he looks at them and sees where they are. … I know they wanted to get Brady in, watch him, make sure that everything they thought was true, which was that he looked as good at 40 as he did at 30, and so they gave up a pair of draft picks to have the insurance of, 'We’re going to keep Jimmy Garoppolo until we make sure Brady is what we think.' Brady’s play basically confirmed for them that he’s as good as he’s ever been and so they took the best deal they could at the last possible time they could and traded him to the Niners.”

New England of course could have placed the franchise tag on him after this season, which would have been over $20 million. Rapoport said this never truly was in play.

“It was if they sort of had to. I don’t think it was ever really going to happen," he said. "Could they have sucked it up and — really what they wanted was to get a contract extension done with him. He could have taken a hometown discount and not a good deal. It would have been less than the franchise tag. He could have taken that and said, ‘Let’s make sure I play for the Patriots.’ The problem is what money is good enough to where Garoppolo says to himself, ‘Alright, I am cool if I don’t play for three years.’ Who knows when Brady is going to stop being great? Peyton Manning fell off a cliff and it happened all of a sudden, but you don’t see any warning signs from Brady. How much would the Patriots would have paid Garoppolo to where he was OK with not playing football? The answer was they didn’t come close to that value. Once they couldn’t get an extension done with him, they really knew that if there was a deal to be had, they really had to take it.”

Rapoport said the two sides negotiated an extension in the spring, but quickly both sides realized it wasn't going to happen.

“My understanding was that it was in the spring," he said. "The Patriots have done a million of these deals. Tom Brady’s agent is the same as Jimmy Garoppolo’s agent and has done a lot of deals with the Patriots. To me it sounded very quickly like both sides knew nothing was going to happen. Some deals can be reached. Some deals cannot. Obviously there are millions of deals that get talked about and never happen and I think this was one that did not have a chance of happening.”

Rapoport also touched on the Patriots' turnaround this season and also what it was like covering the Patriots for the Boston Herald and now working for NFL Network.

Not Sunday podcast, Ep. 11: Ian Rapoport breaks down the Patriots' turnaround, Jimmy Garoppolo trade and going from Herald to NFL Network

Epiosde 11 of the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable features NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, who discussses why he isn't surprised by the Patriots' turnaround this season, what exactly happened with Jimmy Garoppolo and some old tales from when he covered the Patriots with the Boston Herald.

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