NFL Media's Mike Giardi on Not Sunday podcast explores Patriots' potential trade market for wide receivers

March 19, 2019 - 10:22 am

A week into free agency, most of the top free agents are off the board, which could leave the Patriots in a situation where they need to swing a trade, especially for a wide receiver.

Appearing on the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable, NFL Media's Mike Giardi explained what the Patriots could do, including maybe trying to trade for Sterling Shepard of the Giants, who is entering the last year of his contract.

“You feel like they should address it with a higher-end talent," he said. "In the case of [Adam] Humphries, you sort of made a commitment to them that they identified that this is the thing we need to latch on to — wide receiver. That is where we need to spend our money. I think that is the next layer of what you’re looking at. You have so many picks in the top 101 that you can get creative and make something happen with a player who might be on the last year of a deal. 

“The Giants, now you look at Shepard as an interesting target because they just signed Golden Tate. I don’t have a problem running two slots out there. It is not like Tate cannot line up outside the numbers and even Shepard, although their best work was inside. We saw [Julian] Edelman and [Danny] Amendola on the field together quite a bit during their time here. If you’re the Giants and you want to keep Eli [Manning] going, maybe it make sense to keep Shepard.

“Now you’ve set the floor for what his number is going to be when he hits free agency and that would certainly be one to monitor. When you have conversations, it has to be in the $12-13 million range, and if you’re the Giants you could say, the hell with that, we’re going to see what we can get for you.”

Other topics discussed included Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and how the number of coaches leaving could impact things in 2019.

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