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Mike Giardi on Not Sunday podcast details on-field knock on Josh Gordon, which Tom Brady may not like

September 19, 2018 - 10:19 am

When it comes to Josh Gordon and the Patriots, the thing that stands out most is his off-field issues and can he figure those out to get on the field.

What isn't being talked about much is his performance on the field, and appearing on the Not Sunday podcast with Ryan Hannable, NFL Media's Mike Giardi detailed a knock on Gordon's game on the field -- his route running.

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“Talking to some people in Cleveland, one of the knocks on Gordon, never mind all the off-field stuff, which is obviously huge because then he’s not on the field, but he’s not a precise route runner," Giardi said. "He’s gotten away with he’s bigger, stronger, physically more gifted than pretty much anybody who plays that position. And now the question becomes, how much does he lose having played just 11 games since the start of 2014? What does it look like for him, and how much will [Tom] Brady tolerate if he’s not precise, and again, that is the knock on him.

"One of the knocks on him with the on-field stuff is he’s not a precise route runner. In fact, after Game 1 — Tyrod Taylor’s interception, I was told [offensive coordinator] Todd Haley put that interception on Gordon and not on Taylor. I think there’s a lot of questions of just the impact he will make for them.”

Listen to the complete podcast below, which also touches on the Patriots' struggles in Jacksonville.

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