Off Day Debate: What is ideal Super Bowl matchup?

January 17, 2020 - 11:54 am

Obviously, the Patriots are eliminated from the playoffs and for the first time in three years will not be in the Super Bowl.

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But, there are still a few teams with Patriots connections still playing, including Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers and then Mike Vrabel and others with the Titans.

Sunday's championship games will be the Chiefs hosting the Titans in the AFC and then the 49ers hosting the Packers in the NFC. So, what is the ideal matchup for Patriots fans?

Vote on it in the Twitter poll below and then see what Andy Hart and Ryan Hannable think.

49ers vs. Titans

This may or may not come as a surprise, but I’m rooting for the two teams with the strongest ties to the Patriots! Anyone who came across Jimmy Garoppolo during his time in New England has to be rooting for him on some level. The 49ers are a pretty likeable team overall, far more so than Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Beyond just rooting for Jimmy G. to make a name for himself after playing the good soldier role so well in Foxborough, the 49ers are a team built around a strong defense, a running game and a big-play tight end. All of those are appealing to me. As for the Titans, I don’t know how anyone can root against Mike Vrabel and his team. The simple ex-player swagger that he brings to coaching is refreshing. He’s a comfortable, natural, genuine leader. Watching the way that Derrick Henry has turned Tennessee into a Super Bowl contender on his back is refreshingly old-school. You don’t run the ball to win in the NFL. Or do you? I think a San Francisco vs. Tennessee Super Bowl would have just enough ties to New England for Bill Belichick to take some miniscule credit for both teams’ success. Both are teams I would enjoy seeing hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Plus, if Tennessee wins at least the Patriots can say they got bumped from the postseason by the eventual Super Bowl champs!

-- Andy Hart

Chiefs vs. Packers

While watching Jimmy Garoppolo in the Super Bowl would be cool, how about the game that would be the most entertaining? Patrick Mahomes going head-to-head with Aaron Rodgers would be unreal. Think about all the phenomenal throws and plays we'd see in that game. It would also likely be high scoring and after last year's 13-3 game, how about a ton of points this year? It isn't just the quarterbacks either, as both teams have exceptional pass catchers like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce in Kansas City, and then Davante Adams in Green Bay. Imagine having to spend two full weeks trying to hype the Titans up? Sure, Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill are great stories, but the Super Bowl is supposed to be about superstars. Titans talk would get old after a few days. Rodgers and Mahomes talk could certainly take up the full two weeks. The Super Bowl is about the best game, and right now that would be the Chiefs and Packers.

-- Ryan Hannable​​​​​​

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